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Summer tours in Ureki Summer travel

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Summer tours in Ureki Summer tours in Ureki Summer tours in Ureki

Ureki is the seaside climatic health resort located at the Black Sea coast, in the region of Ozurgeti, between Batumi and Poti, in 100 km from Kutaisi and in 50km from Batumi. Sea is not very deep, which is especially convenient for bathing of children. Coastal strip of the beach is a fine-grained sand enriched in magnetite.
Rich gifts of nature such as sea, sun, and fine "velvety" sand, that has magnetic properties,  make Ureki resort an excellent place for recreation and treatment. 
The main medical factor of Ureki resort is sea air and magnetic sand. The structure of local sand include magnetic particles, which is a natural resort factor. All of this positively influences the cardiovascular system, respiratory organs and neurosis. Ureki is particularly useful  for children and adolescents.

Medical indications:
* diseases of the cardiovascular system;
* Peripheral vascular system disease;
* Diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
* Functional diseases of the central nervous system;
* Spinal paralysis;
* Birth injuries;
* Paralysis;
* Various women's diseases.
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Summer tours in Ureki Summer tours in Ureki Summer tours in Ureki

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