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Motsameta monastery is properly called Monastery of Saint David and Constantine. The main temple, built in the memory of the brothers Princes David and Constantine Mkheidze who died from torture of Arab invader - Murvana Ibn Muhammad in the VII century and were canonized by the Georgian Church. They were executed for refusing to convert to Islam. Their relics lay in the tomb - ark, the foot of which are the wooden lions. There is an old belief that if one would three times crawl under the ark and venerate the relics, and ask something David and Constantine -
they will certainly help. Temple feast in a monastery is called Motsametoba and is celebrated on October 15.

Gelati Monastery is built on a high cool place, from it there is a view of the countryside and the distant Racha Lechkhumi mountains. This is a big temple of Nativity of the Virgin of XII-th century, and two more temples of XIII-th century. One of them is the church of St. Nicholas. And beside there is a spring of water. The second temple – is in honor of St. George. Beyond these three temples, there are the belltower, the refectory, the academy founded in 1106 by the king of Georgia - David the Builder. Gelati – is the center of spiritual and scientific life of the Middle Ages,  Georgian kings' burial, place of worship for pilgrims. Here are buried almost all the kings of the united Georgia: Demetre I, George III, and even supposedly Queen Tamara. David the Builder itself willed to buried in the way so that everyone who enters will step on his remains, in that way, according to legend the king repented of his pride. In 1994 the complex of Gelati was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sataplia – is the reserve in Imereti, about 7 kilometers north-west of Kutaisi. Found here in 1925,  the large castor cave with the under ground river makes this reserve famous.  This cave is famous for its stalactites and stalagmites. A dinosaurs plateau situated here, with many clear traces of prehistoric reptiles printed on huge rocks, is considered the third place in the CIS after the Tajik Ravat Gorge and Turkmen Hodge-Pil Tracts. Here is recalled the legend of Prometheus - Prometheus cave, where according to legend, he gave the fire to people and was chained to a rock for it.

Geguti –is  one of the lesser known places in the country. It is a royal palace, and it was gradually lost and forgotten, like so many royal palaces in Georgia. But of all the palaces, Geguti is the largest and relatively well-preserved. The palace was built of brick, pebbles and limestone blocks. On the palace territory can be found the former wine storage with the remains of clay kvevri.

Shorapani - a village in Zestafoni region of Georgia. In this place merges Kvirila and Dzirula rivers, at the confluence is located quite high mountain, on which the Shorapani fortress was built.
Excursions in Kutaisi

Excursions in Kutaisi

Excursions in Kutaisi

Excursions in Kutaisi

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