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Team Heliskiing, Heliskiing
Helicopter Wucher is presented by the brand Eurocopter AS 350 B3 "Ecureuil", A-Star. Wucher helicopters for over 35 years are the leaders in Austria and their name is widely known on the international level in regard to the exploitation in mountainous regions. During building transportation or rescue operations: along with maximum safety and economy, company attracts its customers primarily due to its flexibility and efficiency of possible use.
All visitors are guided by a professional team with years of experience in heliskiing. Each participant will initially be instructed on the basics of heli-skiing and alpine safety equipment (behavior near and helicopters, search of avalanche climbing, etc.) and receives on the time of stay modern safety equipment:
1 backpack with ABS avalanche shovel and probe
1 avalanche detector Pieps
The guides are also provided with a first aid kits, as well as the radio for communication with the team and a satellite telephone.
Accompanying guides - are exceptionally accredited ski instructors who have years of experience and are the members of the International Union of mountain guides. Some guides in our team prior to these days are in the Federal team of teachers of Austrian mountain guides training and always have the most new information in the sphere of safety and riding techniques, and willingly share their knowledge and experience.


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