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SPA Center Kurorte
In the SPA Center in Udabno resort function thermal baths, thermal baths with aromatic additives, as well as hydro bath for upper and lower extremities, in addition, there are the following procedures: underwater massage, public health massage, relaxation and therapeutic massage, Thai massage, points massage, shiatsu massage, hydro power shower, also circular, upward and rain like shower. The Center is equipped with the latest German technology. Holiday makers are served by the highly qualified staff.
  • Medical baths (mineral water, CO2, peat, etc.)
  • Hydro power shower (mineral water and rosemary, mineral water and lavender, etc.)
  • Sharko douche, circular shower, colon therapy (prescribed by a doctor);
  • Massage;
  • Gymnastics.
Should be noted that this is an incomplete list of of services. Rehabilitation center of Sairme resort - is one of the first in Georgia with its capabilities, with a high level of service and staff development.

Name of basic services
Time Prices
Medicinal Bath - mineral water, including rest
15 minutes 10 GEL
Underwater massage - mineral water, including rest
15 minutes 20 GEL
Hydro body massage with mineral water, including the rest - "Pearl"
15 minutes 15 GEL
Sharko shower
10 minutes 10 GEL
Circular shower
15 minutes 10 GEL
45 minutes 50 GEL
 Hydro-bath for upper extremity with mineral water, including rest
10 minutes 8 GEL
 Hydro-bath for lower extremities with mineral water, including rest
10 minutes 8 GEL
Point massage
40 minutes 40 GEL
General massage
40 minutes 35 GEL
Shoulder and neck massage
20 minutes 15 GEL
Massage of the upper extremities
20 minutes 10 GEL
Massage of the lower extremities
20 minutes 10 GEL
Massage of the back
20 minutes 20 GEL
Massage in the case of spinal curvature (scoliosis)
10 minutes 10 GEL
20 minutes 30 GEL
Wellness Massage
30 minutes 20 GEL
10 minutes 10 GEL
Honey massage (for slimming, anti-cellulite)
--- 40 GEL
15 minutes 15 GEL
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