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Akhaltsikhe - is the administrative center of Samtskhe-Dzhvahetii region, the only relatively large town in the area, built in the XII century, that for a long time was under the control of Ottaman Empire, where live alongside the Georgians, Armenians, Greeks, Jews, and people of many other nationalities. It is located 120 kilometers from Gori and 150 of Kutaisi.
Of cultural heritage - a monument to Queen Tamara, a monument to the great Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli, Barati church, Sapara monastery (9 kilometers from the city), the Armenian Catholic church, Turkish fortress and a cathedral mosque (1752) of Sultan Selim I.
Queen Tamara monument stands in the center of the town. Tamaroba holiday, which is celebrated on May 14, is held in Akhaltsikhe especially solemn and impressive.
Sapara Monastery. The name means "sheltered". Sapara was built in the X - XI century. On the walls of Sapara are preserved frescoes. Currently, it is a functioning friary, which was under the reconstruction stage for long time.
Armenian Catholic church. One can use stairs or serpentine road to get to the temple. There are icons of all the times, even journal, portraits of the Pope, cards, jewelry.
Holy Sign Temple - Church of St. Nshan. Time of thetemple establishment is unknown, it was in XVI or XV century. In the XIX century it has remained in ruins, so it was decided to build it from a scratch. Erzurum Armenian Vartan Vardanyants donated funds, and in 1861 began to build a temple, which was later named after the commander Vardan.
Cathedral mosque of Sultan Selim I. At the top of the fortress is placed the chapel of the old type, the roof of which is covered with a thin layer of the earth. In the lower fortress is located the cathedral mosque of Khalil - ahi, of the old construction.
There is a museum - "Museum of Javakheti" in the Turkish fortress, that holds a large and interesting collection of archaeological finds, photos, and antique carpets. Next to the museum is located the mosque.

Hotels of Akhaltsikhe you can see in the section Akhaltsikhe hotels.


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