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Bakuriani - is a famous ski resort, located 180 kilometers west of Tbilisi Borjomi gorge, surrounded by mighty mountain ranges of the Caucasus. Local people call this place - "Sun Valley". The resort is famous for its mineral springs and botanic garden of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. From the tops of the Bakuriani mountains originate Borjomi springs. It si 30 minutes drive to chinks and bottle enterprises from the town. Here are developed both types of tourism - summer and winter. In Soviet times, Bakuriani was a traditional venue for the competitions of winter sports: slalombobsleigh, biathlon and ski jumping. This place was a favorite vacation spot of the Russian imperial Romanov family and there is still preserved a royal palace.It is also worth noting that with the Borjomi Bakuriani bid to host the Olympic Winter Games in 2014.

Ski season lasts from November to March. Winter is cold, but not bleak, usually snowy. The weather is sunny and windless. That is why, there can often be seen skiers skiing in bathing suits. The average height of snow cover is approximately 60 centimeters, avalanches are very rare in Bakuriani. Long duration of sunny days - 2100 hours per year.
It is offered a wide choice of pistes for the outdoor activities likers. Lifts: two-seat chairlift (1200 m), T-bar lift (1400 m). There is also a rope way of the "Tatrapoma" type (1640 m), with the piste of 2500 m. There are 4 children T-bar lifts. The largest of them is 450 m. The ski lift to the Tskhratskaro pass (13 km from Bakuriani), to a height of 2780m, is very popular with the cross-country skiing likers.
Several pistes, FIS- certified:
1) Piste for beginners, with the length of the ropeway is 300 m, the slope of the mountain is 10-12 degrees;
2) Kohta -1, two-step piste, with a total length of the ropeway of 1,500 m, complex on the top and simple at the bottom;
3) Kohta -2, two-step piste, with a total length of 3000 m.
 Hotels of Bakuriani you can see in the section Bakuriani hotels.

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