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Balloon rides

Balloon rides / Balloon rides
Balloon rides
Balloon rides Balloon rides Balloon rides
In Georgia, balloon flights mostly take place in the Alazani Valley, an ancient cultural center and the home of Georgian winemaking. The valley stretches for more than one hundred kilometers along the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. The mountains rise majestically into the blue sky, their peaks topped with snow-white glaciers. Beneath the hot air balloon gondola, vineyards and fruit orchards drift slowly by. A silvery river meanders though abundant forests dotted with sparkling lakes, while the turrets of medieval fortresses and monasteries stretch skyward.
You can travel at 50 m above the ground and hold conversations with the people standing below, or fly over the mountain tops at an altitude of 2,000 m, while the earth spreads out like a topographic map below you. Flying in a hot air balloon brings you into communion with the Great Mystery!
Is it safe?
Balloon flights are just as safe as flying on a plane. Technically, the balloon is designed very simply, there is nothing that can go wrong about it.
When can I fly?
Usually the flight begins early in the morning, around 6 am because at this time air conditions are most calm and stable. This ensures maximum comfort during the flight and soft landing. There are flights in the evening, but the flight time is shorter compared to the morning schedule.
Which direction will I fly?
Balloon moves with the wind only. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the pre-flight wind direction at different altitudes and this will dictate where the take off point will be. The take-off site should be selected in a way that the wind should bring the balloon to a preselected landing zone. During the flight, the pilot changes the height: up and down, and thus corrects the movement direction of the balloon.

Landing point?
Touchdown point ideally should be free of trees and shrubs. In areas of our operations there are plenty of sites to fit this requirment.
What should I wear and bring?
It depends on the season. Summer: jeans or trousers and ordinary sports shoes, headwear.
Winter: sweater, warm jacket, waterproof high shoes, headwear. During the flight, the temperature is the same as that on the ground. Be sure to bring a photo or video camera!
How many people can simultaneously fly per basket?
Balloon baskets are designed for 1 pilot + 12 passengers or 1 pilot + 2-3 passengers (depending on weight).

How long is the flight?
Normal flight lasts about 1:00 to 1:20 hours. But the whole tour takes 4:00 to 5:00 hours.
What should be the weather?
Sunny weather and a light breeze – are the best conditions for flying. But the clouds and even light rain will not interfere with the flight, as long as there was a strong wind. Before the flight, the weather is checked with satellite data.
How long is the flying season?
Active season begins in mid-April, when stable warm weather is established, and will last until the end of October. But if the weather is good we would fly in winter too.
Is there an age restriction?
We take a flight passengers aged from 10 to 100 years.
What else is included in the service?
The car will take you from the city, will bring to the starting point, and after the flight will bring you back to the city. After landing you will take part in dedication ceremony in balloonists – diploma of air traveler and a glass of champagne.
In the event of cancellation of the flight due to bad weather conditions, we will refund all money paid in full.
Price for ballon rides
Number of passengers in group
Price per person
Payment conditions
Fly zone
4-5 pax
100 % prepayment
Mukhrany Valley
6 pax
7 pax
8 pax
Allazany / Mukhrany Valley
9-16 pax
Allazany Valley
17-19 pax
20-24 pax


The price includes:
  • Transfer from the airport (Telavi or Natakhtari) to the place of the start of ballon ride;
  • Preparation to the ballon ride;
  • Balloon ride;
  • Maintenance and selection of the ballon;
  • Initiation of the clients into balloonists;
  • Awarding with diplomas and badges;
  • Champagne;
  • Transfer from the place of ride to the airport (Telavi, Natakhtari).
The price does not include:
Transfer hotel – place of ballon ride – hotel
Price for VIP ballon rides
Number of passengers in group
Price per person
Payment conditions
Fly zone
1-3 pax
100 % prepayment
Mukhrany Valley
1-3 pax
Allazany Valley with transfer from Tbilisi
The price includes: 
  • Transfer from the hotel to the place of the start of ballon ride (round trip);
  • Participation in preparation to the ballon ride;
  • Balloon ride;
  • The solemn ritual of initiation into balloonists;
  • Mini-buffet: wine, khachapuri, sweets;
  • Awarding with diplomas and badges;
  • Photos of the start and views from the land;
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