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Business travel

Travel services / Business travel
Corporate and business travel,
the organization of the exhibition participation

Annually in the world there are  more than 100 million business trips. Most of tourists goes by business to Georgia. In the structed of business travel dominates business trips, congress tours, trips on exhibitions and trade fairs, incentively - tours for employees of different companies.

Purpose of participation in corporate and business tours:

  • Visit the thematic exhibitions;
  • Visit the the leading specialized companies and acquaintance with the methods of their work;
  • Conducting business in the travel business negotiations to exchange experiences;
  • Unlocking the potential of the employees outside the enterprise;
  • Team building solutions for the problems facing the company.

Participating in trips organized by us, you can:

  • Finding your way in the selection of advanced technologies and equipment according to the purposes of the company;
  • Understand possible ways of increasing competitive advantage in order to obtain the greatest profit;
  • See the technology and equipment in work;
  • Establish useful contacts, find partners and customers;
  • Got acquainted with sights of different countries;
  • Just enjoy the communication with peers.

Tour operator «GeOfit-travel» can offer you a full range of services:

presentations, conferences, seminars, team building and motivational meetings, visits to profiled companies. Our experts will choose independently the list of potentially interesting events in your industry, develop a convenient plan of meetings and negotiations and organize not just a trip,but a  high-grade corporate and business tours, during which you can not only work effectively, but also combine your official business with a pleasure vacation.

Broad and reliable network of the  partners throughout the world, a clear understanding of the goals and objectives of corporate travel, allow us to offer a wide variety of platforms for their conduct, ranging from the traditional, and ending with the unexpected and exclusive places (castles, manors and palaces, museums, etc . g).
Business trips organization accompanied by the decision of the set goals that we completely take over - from booking tickets and hotel reservations, to plan development and timetable for negotiations visits.

Our task - is to maintenance the orders of any complexity, work with non-standard requests, organize individual combined tours to any countries of the world:

  • Organization of visits and participation in international exhibitions and fairs;
  • Travel arrangements of any festivals, carnivals, concerts, sports and entertainment events;
  • VIP-meeting at airports and other ports of entry and conducts;
  • Organization of business and corporate meetings, conferences and seminars;
  • Reservations of the hotel in the city at any price;
  • Organization of reception and servicing  of delegations, business partners, etc.;
  • Car rental;
  • Providing all accounting documents: invoice, certificates.
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