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Car rental
 Price for 1 day with taxes and insurance
1-3 days
4-6 days 7 and more days
Prices include car actuarial services: insurance claims in case of accident, causing property eventual damages and theft insurance, liability insurance, some tax revenues. Petrol is not included in the tariff scale. Standard tariff is valid for 24 hours from the of rental payment shall. If at the end of rental the car is returned more than 120 minutes later the time specified in the contract, an additional fee of daily rate will be charged. In the case of an early return of the car, there will be the recalculation of rental fee with exclusion of the unused time.
Minimum rental period of the vehicle is one day (24 hours). You can rent a car for a shorter period, but the money for the unused time will not be returned.
The deposit of $ 300 is applied by the renter, which can be blocked on the credit card or made in cash in the certain place. Sum will be returned to the renter after the expiration of the lease under the conditions of the contract.
Rules for driving:
Renter must have a driver's license and passport, valid in the territory of Georgia. Age of the renter is from 21 to 75. The renter must have the driving experience of at least 2 years.
If the vehicle is returned with less petrol than was stated in the contract, the total capacity in liters, at the price of 3.75 dollars. per 1 liter, will be recalculated. The renter is fully responsible for any damage to the vehicle caused by the use of another type of petrol.
Punitive sanctions:
In the case of car documents or keys loss, the renter will be charged for $ 300.
In what state should I return the vehicle?
Rented vehicle must be returned to the rent-a-car company in the same state, in which you took it on lease. Permissible only if the car is moderate untidy. We are entitled to charge you a fee for washing the car if the car is returned too dirty. Typically, the car is rented with a full tank of petrol. It must be returned with the same amount of flooded fuel. If there is not enough petrol, the customer pays for it according to the tariffs of the provider. However, in some cases, petrol is already included in the price. Pay attention to the policy of fuels in lease, choosen by you.
79 $ 74 $ 69 $
Isuzu Rodeo

119 $ 102 $ 89 $
Mitsubishi Montero
Sport Limited

124 $ 108 $ 99 $
Land Rover
Discovery 2

135 $ 115 $ 105 $
Mercedes Benz Vito
135 $ 
120 $ 
107 $ 
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