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On the Black Sea coast of Adjara, which is rich in magnificent resorts is located a small and beautiful resort Chakvi entirely surrounded by greenery. Location of Chakvi is truly wonderful. It is bounded by the two famous resorts - Green Cape and Tsikhisdziri. Approaching Chakvi, you will immediately feel the particular flavor of old eucalyptus trees, and you can enjoy the magnificent mimosas. Resort name is associated with tea. Tea culture was developed here a long time ago. It was here where the first time the tea was imported by the Chinese scholar John Lao Jia. That is why this resort is named the capital of the Georgian tea. In Chakvi you will meet the huge tea plantations, which are spread out over a large area. This baikhovi premium tea rich in caffeine and tannin. Here you can enjoy Japanese tangerine plantations and bamboo, which gives a more refined tone and so diverse nature Chakvi.
Among the vacationers of Adjara are popular coastal hotels, villas and cottages in Chakvi in which there are the best conditions for an unforgettable holiday on the Black Sea.


Hotels of Chakvi you can see in the section Chakvi hotels  



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