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Christmas in Georgia

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Christmas in Georgia - is one of the greatest holidays. Here it is celebrated literally for centuries. Georgia was one of the oldest Orthodox countries. From all other countries, the Georgian Christmas celebrations differ with an extraordinarily beautiful spectacle, which begins after the grand night of worship. The faithful and the priests themselves walk through the streets of a festive procession with church songs, bringing on themselves icons, crosses and banners. Thus, they seem to have the good news of the birth of Christ. Everyone join the procession , many of them carry the gifts, which are then distributed to children's homes and orphanages. And on Christmas night, every Georgian house lit candles brought from the temple. They are specially placed at the window, so that the light was visible to passersby. This tradition is observed in memory of the distant biblical events when Mary and Joseph looking for shelter for the birth of his son. Two thousand years have passed - and hundreds of twinkling lights, giving the human hope that the Mother of God will deign in his mercy  house. At home, at the table are served the mandatory Christmas cakes - "kvertsi" - Georgians, like other Orthodox, remember the miracles of that night and lit the star of Bethlehem.
Price in Euro, from
Christmas fairytale in Tbilisi 6 03.01 – 08.01 525 euro
03.01 – 08.01
On Request
03.01 – 08.01
Chritsmas at svans (Kutaisi - Mestia) 8 04.01 – 11.01 On Request
The tour lasts for 12 and 14 days upon request.

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