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Georgia Ц Places of Power

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Georgia – Places of Power
Tbilisi – Ananuri – Gudauri – Kazbegi– David Gareji – Bodbe – Sighnaghi – Paravani Lake – Khertvisi fortress – Vardzia – Akhaltsikhe – Sapara monastery – Green monastery – Timotisubani temple – Kutaisi– Batumi (11 days, 10 nights)
Day 1: Tbilisi
Arrival to Tbilsi. Meeting with the representatives of the agency. An evening landscape – the city in lights. "Old Town" – is the historic center of Tbilisi, that is located at the root of Mtatsminda (Holy Mount) mountain. Almost all of the buildings of the Old Town are historical and cultural sites, this part of the city is round – the – clock full of life, here walk alone or in groups tourists, meet lovers near the Clock Tower. This amuzing Tower appeared here recently, built by the Puppet Theatre director Rezo Gabriadze. Here artists exhibit their paintings, artisans offer numerous souvenirs. Basically there are 2-3-storey houses, built of brick and stone, and of particular Tbilisi architecture, distinguished by narrow streets, galleries and carved wooden balconies. Tbilisi is one of the rare places where can peacefully exist in the Old Town an orthodox church, Catholic cathedral, synagogue and mosque.
Hotel accommodation. Overnight.
Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power
Day 2 : Tbilisi
Breakfast. Excursion in Tbilisi.The capital of Georgia is unique.It stands on the several mountain hills, on which "creep" the old blocks. Tbilisi – is a beautiful river Kura with its picturesque rocky shores, that flows across the whole city. During the excursion, visit of: Metekhi Church ( V c.), Narikala fortress ( IV c.), Sioni Cathedral ( VI-VII c.), Anchiskhati Basilica of St. Mary, the oldest surviving church, Synaxis of Saint Truinity of the temple complex of Tsminda Sameba – the main Cathedral of Georgian Orthodox Church. The rise of the cable lift to the beautiful mountain Mtatsminda - a favorite place for walks of Alexander Griboyedov. Visit the Pantheon – the place of final resting of souls Russian diplomat and Georgian princess.
Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power
Excursion to the New Jerusalem, in the ancient capital of Georgia – Mtskheta – the town-museum, included to the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. Visit of the ancient temple – monastery Jvari (VI c.). On the top of the mountain where the temple is placed, opens a fantastic view on the place of junction of two rivers – Kura and Aragvi. There also opens a beautiful view on the ancient capital of Georgia – Mtskheta.Visit of Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (1010-1029), at the bottom of which is buried one of the major Christian relics Lords chiton, one of the most important sacred artifacts of the New Testament that after the crucifixion of Christ was brought to Mtskheta by Elioz – one of the witnesses of his death on the cross, and it is also the burial place of many of the Georgian kings. Here is also the part of life-giving pillar. Visit of Samtavro monastery, where year round grow, flower and fruit blackberry bush, near of which in the IV century lived and preached St. Nino- enlightener, the first preacher of Christianity in Georgia. The official adoption of Christianity in Georgia in 324 is associated with the name of St. Nino, with the assistance and participation of the King St. Miriam and Queen St. Nana. It was St. Nino who persuaded the king Miriam and queen Nana to adopt Christianity in Georgia. Woderworking icon of Iberian Mother of God, woderworking icon of St. Nino, grave of St. Tsar Merian and Tsarina Nani, hallows of St. Abibos Nekresky, St. Shio Mhvimskoho are inside. Return to Tbilisi. Dinner. Overnight.
Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power
Day 3: Tbilisi – Ananuri – Gudauri – Kazbegi – Tbilisi
Breakfast. In the morning, departure from Tbilisi in the direction of Stepantsminda (Kazbegi). On the way to it, we will overlook the picturesque Ananuri fortress (XVI c.), located above Aragvi river, and also the amazing beauty of Zhinvali reservoir. In passing the ski resort Gudauri (2200 m), the stunning trip along Tergi river, through Cross Pass (2400 m), will bring us to Stepantsminda (Kazbegi). Excursion in Kazbegi: church of the Holy Gergeti Trinity Church (2170 m above the sea level). When the weather is fair, the stunning view on the mountain Kazbeg (5147 m), one of the highest tops of Georgia, opens. Return to Tbilisi. Dinner. Overnight.
Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power
Day 4: Tbilisi – David Gareji – Bodbe – Sighnaghi – Tbilisi
Breakfast. Excursion in David Gareji – the complex of georgian cave monasteries of V century, that were founded by Holy Father David. Many churches and refectories of the complex preserved frescoes (VI-IXvv.), including Portrait of Queen Tamara. Arrival to the " town of everlasting love" Sighnaghi. Visit in the Bodbe village of the monastery complex of St. George and the grave of St. Nino, that brought Christianity to Georgia. Upon request, bathing in the holy waters of the increate spring, that heals the sick and make miserable people happy. Return to Tbilisi. Dinner. Overnight.
Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power
Day 5: Tbilisi – Paravani Lake – Khertvisi fortress – Vardzia – Akhaltsikhe
Breakfast. Departure from Tbilisi.
Paravani Lake is the largest in Georgia, located at an altitude of 2,074 meters above sea level. The road to the lake is quite steep rises. We are going to the pass. This is the alpine area - the height of 2350 m. Here in 1840, Russians from the sect of Doukhobors were expelled. And there were villages – Gorelovka, Rodionovka, Vladimirovka, Tambovka, Trinity, and so on. Their hard work and resilience, they have achieved amazing results. Villages were pretty well landscaped. They built houses with a very warm earthen roofs. Now there is no Doukhobors here, they massively left Georgia in 1990 years. Now there are Armenians.
Paravani Lake is not deep, only 3.5 meters, but the water is very muddy. Visibility is 4 centimeters, so it is difficult to dig at the bottom. The area of the lake is 900 square meters. m. It is suspected that some kind of mound is on the borrom. A lot of ancient objects is pulled from the water. The area is still waiting for the research..
The history of the fortress Khertvisi is very rich. So, one of the legends says that the citadel was first taken only by Alexander the Great. The castle is known by the fact that here King David IV the Builder had dedicated to the kingdom (tentatively in 1108, after his release from captivity Saracen) future king of Jerusalem - Baudouin II de Burgh (Baudouin II de Bourges), founder Order of the Knights Templar.
Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power
Visit of Vardzia cave monastery complex (XII- XIII c.) - 19 stepped rock town. For 900 m along the left bank of Kura river, in the plumb wall of the mountain, around 600 buildings are cut out - churches, chapels, parrocks, pantries, baths, libraries. There preserved secret passages, remains of plumbing, and irrigation system. Vardzia- is the site of the era of Golden Age. More than thousands of monks lived there, and when being attacked, to 20 thousand of people could shelter there.
Arrival to recently reconstructed Akhaltsikhe fortress, the motherland of Charles Aznavur, the ancient center of Catholicism in Georgia. In the complex, together with Orthodox Church of St. Marina, are placed mosque, catholic church and monastery of Benedictine Sisters, synagogue and Armenian church. Hotel accommodation. Dinner. Overnight.
Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power
Day 6: Akhaltsikhe – Sapara monastery – Green monastery – Timotisubani temple - Kutaisi
Breakfast. Depature to Kutaisi. On the way excursion to Sapara monastery. It was founded in the XIII century by St. Savva. The monastery is rich with unique frescos the part from which remained since its basis. It is the operating monastery in which monks continue to live.
In Borjomi gorge, in the very beautiful place is situated Chitahevsky Monastery of St. George. People lovingly called him "Green monastery" because all the trees in the ravine has different shades of green, as well as the stones of the monastery. All of them are green, but some - the dark and the other - light. The Green Monastery was built in Chitahevi by apprentices of St. Grigol Khandzteli, Christopher and Theodore in about the IX century. Built on the right bank of the River Kura, the monastery complex includes a single-nave church of roughly crushed stone and a bell tower of XV-XVI century. In the XVI century, during the Shah – Tamaz invasions, the monastery was captured by the enemy and dozens of monks were wounded, tortured and killed. The riverbed flowing in the monastery is full of rocks of reddish color, which were called the “bloody stones.” Pilgrims believe that the blood of monks killed in XVI century remained on these stones. It is said that these stones with traces of redness have abnormal healing power – in winter and summer the “blood” of the stones is visible and if the faithful do not pray, the blood is “erased”. A few meters from the monastery later was built the bell tower. It is a two-storey, on the ground floor - a chapel, and the second - an ornate pavilion. On one of the eastern faces, under the arch, the relief image of St. George's fight with the whale is placed. In the 1980’s of the XX century restoration works were carried out, and in 2002 there the monastery was restored.
Next stop - the Holy Mother monastery of Timotesubani. The Cathedral of Holy Virgin was built at the edge of XII-XIII centuries. Historical data of this shrine is said that when there was a generic monastery brothers Shalva and Ivane Torel came here to pray before each military campaign. After the victory in one of the campaigns brothers decided to build a temple at the monastery in gratitude to the Virgin. Interestingly, the military exploits of brothers served the glory of Queen Tamar - these generals were known far beyond Georgia. In 1225 in a battle with Sultan Jalal al-Din brothers defeated. Georgian forces did not come to the rescue in time, Ivane died and Shalva was captured, which the sultan offered release if he will accept Islam. Refusing, Shalva was brutally tortured. The history of Georgia is considered that it was in honor of that soldier Shota Rustaveli wrote "The Knight in the Panther's Skin". That is why the temple paintings consist many pictures of the martyrs and warriors. Every year on August 28 Orthodox pilgrims visit the temple.
Departure to Kutaisi. Dinner. Overnight.
Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power
Day 7: Kutaisi – Batumi
Breakfast. Excursion in the ancient city Kutaisi, that is more than 3 thousand years old. Visit of Gelati monastery and academy, established by the great Georgian tsar David IV the Builder. Gelati Monastery has preserved a great variety of wall paintings dating back to XII-XVIII centuries. Therefore, the most wonderful in the architecture of Gelati complex is its frescoes and mosaics, that return the all gone days and remind us about its creators.Then excursion to the Cathedral of Bagrati that was erected in Kutaisi during the reign of Bagrat III, was named after the first king of united Georgia, as a main palace of the kingdom, was consecrated in 1003. Both Gelati monastery and Academy and Bagrati Cathedral are included to the number of World Heritage sites by UNESCO. Then, visit of the "monastery of accomplishment of desires" Metsameta. Monastery overlooks the Rioni river surrounded by rugged coastal vegetation. The legend says that this small monastery stands on the place of the execution of the Georgian kings David and Constantine Mkheidze by Muslims, because they were faithful to Christianity. Prince David and Constantine are canonized, their relics are stored in a large rectangular ark on a dais in the small hall of the monastery. There is a legend among the tourists, that if you ask the holy princes something, crawl under the ark three times and venerate to their relics, your wish will come true.
Excursion to the Prometheus cave, where we recall the legend of Prometheus. According to the legend, Prometheus gave the fire to people, and because of that he was enchained to the rock. The cave is located 5 km northwest of the city of Tskhaltubo. It was discovered in the early 80's of the twentieth century. It is one of the most attractive caves, thanks to its underwater rivers and landscapes. Here are almost all underwater karst forms: stalactites, stalagmites, and others.
Departure to Batumi. Dinner. Overnight.
Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power
Day 8: Batumi
Breakfast. Batumi - is a "Georgian Singapore", the most famous seaside resort of Georgia with a population of 120,000 people. Visiting card of Batumi, a popular place for residents and guests of the city, - is Batumi Piazza, built in 2009. In 2010, the decoration of the city has become the new, 7 meters high, moving sculpture of Love. The statue is a figure of a woman and a man. They aspire to each other for 8-10 minutes is very original and beautiful move towards each other and eventually merge as one. Excursion in the city: animated fountains (laser show), worldknown dolphinarium, Argonauts square with Medea statue. Stroll along the boulvard. Dinner. Overnight.
Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power Georgia Ц Places of Power
Days 9-10: Batumi
Breakfast. Free day.
Dinner. Overnight.
Day 11: Batumi
Breakfast. Free time for souvenirs buying. Transfer to the airport. Return home.
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