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Gori is located mostly on the north side of Mtkvari, at the confluence of the river Liakhvi. In central Georgia, it is the second largest city after Tbilisi, and in fact it has long been the capital of the state of Kartli. The city is known for its Goristsihe fortress and Stalin museum, whose fame has spread far beyond the country. Within 150 meters from the park of Stalin, near the fortress, is placed Gori  Cathedral of Slavic style.
Goristsihe fortress - is a huge multi-level medieval fortress of David the Builder. Historians believe that it was built on the site of an earlier, more ancient building. From there is good view of the whole city of Gori.  Gori fortress is very picturesque, moreover, it is well preserved.

Gori Stalin Museum – is the most famous landmark in Georgia. Museum is dedicated to the life of the most famous native of the city - Joseph Stalin, and consists of three parts - a museum, the house and railway carriage. The building of the museum was built during the life of Stalin as a historical museum. Nearby is located the house of Stalin, or rather the house in which he was born and spent the first four years of life. The third component of the museum – is Stalin's armored railway carriage in which he moved along the country during his reign.
Excursion trips: in the vicinity of the famous city Uplistsikhe and famous temple Ateni Zion.

Hotels of Gori you can see in the section Gori hotels



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