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During the past years tourists got more interested in Georgia.

Georgia, as a young democratic country, attracts a lot of tourists not only from the past USSR countries, but from all over the world.

It is said in Georgia: " Its better to see one time, than to hear about it several times from others."

There, new interesting touristic programs  are created, wonderful new hotels, camps, boarding houses are built, roads are in good condition, restaurants with national cuisine are opened. Georgia makes everything, with the help of government, to create unforgettable, comfortable, interesting and safe rest for its tourists.

But still, in each tour, excursion organization, the human factor plays the principal role. No guide- book can give the tourist what the guide can - people who love their mountain country, who know the life of the nation from the inside, people who can not just tell the history of Georgia but open the new Georgia of nowadays. 

Tourists are interested in people, their traditions and customs, their life from the inside, the atmosphere of real life, but not just in the beautiful picture.

Our guides are professionals with a huge work experience, good reputation and personal charm.

The character and the level of the complexity of work of the guide are determined by the goals of the excursion or the tour. The excursions can be: general, themed, one day or several days, etc. The guides are thoroughly literate, have broad- based knowledge and good erudition. Besides, our guides always take career enhancement  trainings and master classes, what you can see by the wide choice of the excursions and tours that we offer.

If you'll order the excursion or the tour at our company, you can be sure in the highclass, professional provission of services, with the competitive prices, in Russian, German, Polish, French, English and other languages.

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