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Helicopter Flights

Helicopter Flights / Helicopter Flights
Helicopter Flights
Helicopter Flights Helicopter Flights Helicopter Flights
Helicopter flight is a thrill when adrenaline is boiling in the veins. At the same time it is an absolutely safe event that does not require special preparation. Helicopter tours will give you the opportunity to enjoy the most incredible landscapes and sights of Georgia, to fly over waterfalls, valleys, over the most famous high-mountain routes in the world.
Information on helicopter walks.
Start in the suburbs of Tbilisi. You will need a transfer to the take-off area and back to the hotel + flight itself.
Flight costs
Payment conditions
Departure fromNatatkhiri
Pilot + 3 pax
On request / 1 hour
100 %
advance payment
Pilot + 6 pax
On request / 1 hour
Departure fromKakheti
Pilot + 4 pax
On request / 1 hour
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The price includes:
  • Transfer from Tbilisi;
  • Reservation of a seat in the aircraft / helicopter;
  • Pilot work;
  • Fuel;
  • Flight along the route.
The price does not include:
  • Guide service - $ 150.
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