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Hunting in Georgia

Hunting / Hunting
Hunting in Georgia

Hunting in Georgia Hunting in Georgia Hunting in Georgia
For most hunter-amateurs the main goal of hunting is a walk through the forest and not a trophy. Hunting tour in Georgia will give you the opportunity to fill your leisure with exciting impressions. It begins in Kakheti, Sagarejo district near the monastery complex of David Garedji.
Hunting rules:
  • Hunting is conducted with the participation of rangers and with the observance of instructions;
  • Only smooth-bore hunting weapons are used;
  • Number of hunters is no more than 15.
It is forbidden:
  • shoot at the sound if the game is not well visible;
  • shoot at the target and make noise;
  • move arbitrarily and change the place indicated by the hunter ("number");
  • charge a hunting rifle not being in the place of shooting ("number");
  • drink alcohol while hunting.
Cost and conditions of hunting:
Departure to the hunting from 4:00-5:00 o'clock in the morning.
Rent a gun and a minimal outfit — 300 USD per person. Hunters are offered rifled and smoothbore guns of different firms and calibers.
Each shot - 1 USD.
Objects of hunting:
  • Wild boar: hunting with bait - October 1 - December 31. Hunting from special observation towers for wild boar can be extended until February 1st.
  • Predatory animals (wolf, tour, jackal, rice, fox, raccoon, wild cat): September 1 - May 1.
  • Pheasant and African guinea fowl: September 1 - March 1.
  • Migratory birds (ducks, geese, pigeons, forest hens): November 1 - March 1.
  • Quail: August 20 - October 1.
Hunting farm can also offer you a hunt for a bear and a mountain goat. The cost and planning of the tour is carried out on the basis of an individual preliminary agreement with the administration of the farm.
100% provisional calculation. But the cost of the killed animal is calculated and paid after the hunt.
Optional, for an additional payment you can order comfortable accommodation, three meals a day (full board), transfers and other services.
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