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Kazbegi town, now considered to be a resort, is located at the foot of Mount Kazbek, near the Terek River. Kazbegi resort organizes for tourists regular climbing on the Mount Kazbek by experienced instructors and professional climbers. These places are known primarily for its nature. The local mountains, gorges, passes, lakes, rivers, forests - are the main attractions.
Curch of the Most Holy Gergety Triunity (2170 m above sea level). It was built 600 years ago of stone and is one of the historical sites and is the pride of the country. When the weather is fair, one can enjoy the stunning view on the mountain Kazbeg (5147 m), one of the highest tops of Georgia.
Kazbek plateau is rich in picturesque gorges and mountain passes, through which are conducted several hiking trails. Also, here are valley glaciers such as Mna, Miley, Suatisi.
Kazbek gorge plateau - Dzhimara is almost completely covered by dense forests.
Gizeldon gorge is rich in several ancient buildings.
Truso gorge has many different mineral and natural health sources. Through the all the rivers in the area of ​​the Kazbegi resort are conducted bridges.

 Hotels of Kazbegi  you can see in the section Kazbegi hotels
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