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Kutaisi – is the capital of West Georgia, the ancient capital of the kingdom of Colchis, a city that is more than three thousand years. It survived the Cimmerian invasion of 720 BC. In 806, after the withdrawal of the Byzantines, Kutaisi was the capital of the whole of western Georgia and for 300 years it remained the residence of the kings, and then the capital was moved to Tbilisi (1122).

Bagrat Temple – is the most famous building in Imereti, built in 1003. Bagrat Temple - is one of the best examples of late medieval architecture. It is a square plan building of cruciform design.
The second important point for the reference - is the David the Builder  square on the left bank. Equestrian Statue of King David stands right in the center of the square. On the north side is located a large building of Meskhishvili Theater, on the south - Kutaisi Museum of History.  
On the west side of the square is placed the park. Along its southern side is Rustaveli Avenue. Rustaveli Avenue near the park and the bridge - is a center. Just south of Rustaveli is located the Kutaisi funicular, that lifts people to the mountain with attractions.
Next to the funicular cabin on the river bank stands a small old building, which is not signed, but it is a home of the kings of Imereti, also known as Okros Chardahi.

Another central street - Paliashvili - passes north of the park, then crosses the river, ending at the mountain. On the north side, half of the street is occupied by the Kutaisi bazaar - a fun place where almost everything is selling.
Hotels of Kutaisi you can see in the section Kutaisi hotels


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