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Mestia - is the administrative center of Upper Svaneti, the small town, from 1968. Mestia is surronded by: on the south side - Zuruldi Ridge, on the north - Mount Tshakvzagari, east - Banguriani mountain, and on the west side opens the panoramic view on the top of Laila.

The cultural heritage sites of Mestia are the historic villages of Lagami, Lanchvali and Lekhtahi, Museum of History and Ethnography, Antique Svan Margiani family residential complex, the house-museum of Mikhail Khergiani climber. Among the churches in Mestia, the most remarkable is the Church of the Transfiguration of the IX century in Lagami.
There are several mineral water springs in Mestia. One is located right in the center, the other three - on the river bank of Malahuri.
In the town is located  Historical and Ethnographic museum, preserving the unique icons and manuscripts, the house-museum and a bust of nativeof Mestia, the famous mountaineer MV Khergiani (buried here).
In Mestia were preserved dozens of Svan medieval stone houses with guard and residential towers, churches (X - XIV century), including Matshvari (Saviour), Tarngzel (Holy Archangels), etc. Numerous medieval churches and strengthening of Mestia district are included into the UNESCO World Heritage List. 
Not far from Mestia lie along popular hiking trails to the glacier Chalaadi, and the lakes of Koruldi.
Near Mestia at the distance of 7 km is located a ski resort Hatsvali. There is the equipment rental is offered and works cafe. From the center of Mestia to Hatsvali modern concrete road is paved.

Hotels of Mestia you can see in the section Mestia hotels
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