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Mtskheta - is the first capital of Georgia. Now it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Georgia. Three major sights in Mtkheta are: Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Samtavro temple and Bebristsihe fortress, also an interesting archaeological museum and Samtavro cemetery and Antioch monastery.
Svetitskhoveli - is the first and the main church in Georgia, whose name is traditionally translated as "life-giving pillar". Sveti - is a pillar, and Tskhoveli - live or miraculous. The temple in its present form exists since 1010.
Samtavro - is the second largest church in Mtskheta. At this place there was a blackberry bush, near which lived St. Nina. There also are the relics of Abibosa Nekresi, Shio Mgvimskogo and stone from the tomb of Saint Nino Bodbe in the temple. The frescoes in the temple are of  XVII century, the bell tower - XV-XVII century, the tower - XVIII century. Here is also a burial ground of Samtavro, sometimes called Samtavro burial ground or  SamtavroValley. It is an interesting archaeological site.
Bebristsihe - is the fortress on the northern outskirts of modern Mtskheta. Time of the construction is uncertain. Round here, archaeologists found some objects of antiquity. In the literature, the fortress is mentioned in 1156 due to the fact that here the king Demeter I died.
No less amazing and beautiful in Mtskheta is the ancient Jvari church, built in the VI century. Jvari temple stands on a high hill. Jvari Church - is a typical Christian church in Georgia, built on the edge of a cliff.
Shio-Mgvime monastery is one of the oldest buildings in Mtskheta. This magnificent temple was built in the VI century by Simeon Mgvimskim. Externally, it is a low building with a sort of two-level dome, topped with four-gabled roof.
Karibche - is a unique place. In Soviet times, a theater was built here and  during the excavation the remains of the old city gates were found. As a result,  ​​a two-story theater was made, with a movie on the second floor, and the exposition on the first.
Bridge of Pompey - is the stone bridge over the Kur on the western outskirts of Mtskheta, built by Pompey the Great in 65 BC.

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