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Sighnagi - is a small town , the administrative center of the Sighnaghi region and the center of Bodbiisk eparchy. The town is divided into five ranges: the range of Horhasali, the range of Ketewan, the range of Tamara, Central and the range of Baratashvili.
There is the park of the 9th April, on the one side is located the square of Solomon Dodashvili, from the other side - the square of the David the Builder, in the town center. The monument of Solomon is placed in the park, and near on the rock is the list of Signagi region residents, that died during World War II.
Niko's  Pirosmani home is the village Mirzaani. There is the house-museum and the monument in his honor. 
Vallums ( XVII) - with the length of  4.5 km, have beutiful gates and towers, on which one can climb and enjoy the amazing panorama.

Monastery complex of St. George, that is situated not far from the kakhetian village Bodbe, is one of the main sacraments of Georgians. Here is buried Nina Kappadokiskaia. The legend says that St. Nina died in the 335 in the village of Bodbe, in Kakheti. Nina is known for that she helped Georgians to become christians. After Nina died, it was decide to built the church on her grave, that was dedicated to St. George.

Near Sighnaghi is located the village Tibaani with the church of Stephan Khirseli. From Sighnaghi one can go to the interesting places of Eastern Georgia - Telavi, Lahodekhi, Vashlovani, Tusheti and others.
Khirs Temple. The worship of hallows of Stephan Khirseli, one of the 13 Syrian Fathers.

Hotels of Sighnaghi you can see in the section Sighnaghi hotels


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