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Telavi - a town in Georgia Alazani Valley, the administrative center of Kakheti. The city is located on the northern slope of the ridge Tsivi-Gombori, 70 km from Tbilisi. Telavi is known since I century BC, for centuries, it was  an important trading center on the caravan route from the Middle East to Europe.
Museum - fortress Erekle II (XVIII c). Fortress with towers, is located inside the actual house-museum, in which Erekle II was born and raised . It is a small one-story house. Around there are several buildings, a temple and a good viewing platform overlooking the Alazani Valley. King Irakli II entered the history of Georgia, as the king signed a treaty of St. George with the Russian Empire. Monument King Irakli II is installed in front the fortress.
Telavi remained in the memory of the Soviet people by the film "Mimino".

Excursions:Alaverdi Cathedral (Cathedral Of St. Georg(XII)), Monastery complex Shuamta (V-XVI), Ikalto Academy (XI-XII), Gremi fortress, Monastery Nekresi.

Hotels of Telavi you can see in the section Telavi hotels
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