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Tskhaltubo is a balneotherapeutic health resort, situated in the valley of Kutaisi, at an altitude of 95 - 120 m above sea level, 9 km north-west of Kutaisi, 253 km from Tbilisi, and 70 km from the Black Sea. Winters are mild, summer - very warm. Mineral waters have stable physical and chemical properties, and are used for bathing and inhalation. Source temperature is  +33-35 C, which allows to use water without preheating.
Medicinal properties: the treatment of diseases of the circulatory system, gynecological diseases, diseases of the nervous system. Also castor caves with its microclimate are therapeutic. They have a positive effect on patients with asthma, angina, hypertension, neurosis and chronic pneumonia. The course of treatment is 3-4 weeks.
Resting and taking the recovery at the Tskhaltubo resort one can  see the sights of this region - Sataplia cave complexes, Kumistavi Navenahevi, and Local History museum.
Sataplia - is a reserve in Imereti, about 9 kilometers from Tskhaltubo. A large karst cave, with the underground river, opened in 1925 has made this mountain reserve famous. The cave is famous for its stalactites and stalagmites. And located here Dinosaur Plateau, by number of real distinct footprints of prehistoric reptiles, is considered the third place in the CIS, after Tajik Ravat gorges and Turkmen Tracts Hodge-Pil.
Kumistavi Cave is located 5 km northwest of the city Tskhaltubo. The cave was discovered in the early 80's of the twentieth century. Is considered as one of the most attractive caves, because of the variety of underwater rivers and landscapes. Are presented here almost all underwater karst forms stalactites, stalagmites, and others.
Hotels of Tskaltubo you can see in the section Tskaltubo hotels


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