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Wedding in Georgia

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Wedding in Georgia

Wedding in Georgia is not just a simple wedding. This is an event in which two huge families become the real relatives and there are no small families in Georgia. It is customary to invite all relatives to the Georgian wedding, so there are incredibly many guests at such an event.
At the moment when the girl enters the groom's house he must rise to the roof of this house and release a white bird to the sky. After that the groom is presented with a glass of the best wine. The groom drinks the first of this glass. After that he drops the ring into it and hands it over to the bride. The bride takes a sip from the glass and then the groom himself has the right to pull out of it the cherished ringlet and hand it to his chosen one. At the same time the groom certainly tells his future wife the most beautiful words of faithfulness and love.
After that the newlyweds are presented with a large beautiful plate which is smashed right in front of the porch - "for luck".
At Georgian weddings they sing and dance a lot.
If you want that memories of the wedding were with you all a happy and long life together - you should marry in Georgia and know that Georgia is a holy place that brings good luck.
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