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Located in the Colchis Lowland, 30 km from the Black Sea, near the border with Abkhazia, Zugdidi is one of five largest cities in Georgia. Here live more than 70 000 inhabitants. The city itself is relatively young, founded in 1918. But the territory of the city lies in the western part of Georgia on historic land of Colchis, rich in ancient history. So that is why, Zugdidi area has many interesting historical sights. Zugdidi is the regional center of two united historical regions of Georgia - Samegrelo and Svaneti. From here you can take a trip to Svaneti - the most distinctive district of Georgia, known for its ancient watchtowers and ethnic settlements of Mestia and Ushguli. City has only a few attractions, the main among them is graceful royal Dadiani palace with a magnificent park. Today it is a museum with an extraordinary historical collection, including death mask of Napoleon Bonaparte. The oldest aristocratic family of princes Dadiani is known for its relations with Napoleon Bonaparte. In Vlakherna church, in Zugdidi, is kept one of the most precious Christian relics - Cincture of the Virgin Mary - christian relic, that belonged to Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. Also, there is, in Zugdidi, a drama theater, historical and ethnographic museum, the church of the XVI century.



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