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️Since March 1, most restrictions have been lifted in Georgia and citizens of ALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD can enter Georgia.
In restaurants, up to 10 people can sit at one table, and up to 15 people in open space.
The restriction on the maximum number of guests during social events, both in restaurants and for seminars, conferences and trainings, has also been lifted!
To visit restaurants in Georgia, a "covid-passport" is no longer required.
Before flying to Georgia, you need to fill out a form on the website (if your airline does not do this when buying a ticket) -
By passing the border control at airports, land and sea checkpoints of Georgia, you must present the following documents:
• Registration policy, which will be sent to your e-mail address.
• Certificate in English about the two stages of vaccination.
• Current PCR test (72 hours before crossing the Georgian border).

1. Vaccination requirements: any two-phase vaccine or Johnson & Johnson's single-phase vaccine.
2. Repeated PCR test on the 3rd day of stay in Georgia is cancelled!
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