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Clinic in Sairme, procedures

Health resorts
Visitors have an opportunity to use the clinic, located on the territory of "Sairme" hotel. The clinic,which is 7 days a week, twenty four hours in the visitor’s service, equipped with high-quality equipment. It operates a modern laboratory, ultrasound and dental offices. The clinic offers guests the following services: cardiology, urology, therapy, etc.

Name of the service Price
Doctor's consultation 20 GEL
Abdominal ultrasound examination (total) 50 GEL
General blood tests 10 GEL
General Urine Test 10 GEL
Liver function tests 35 GEL
Coagulograma 25 GEL
General cholesterol researche 10 GEL
Lipid metabolism 40 GEL
Kidney functions 35 GEL
Glucose in blood 6 GEL
Rheumatoid Factor –the test samples 40 GEL
Gastric washing 10 GEL
Gallbladder wash) 25 GEL
Duodenal Sensing 25 GEL
Urinary catheterization
20 GEL







Standart package Price
755 GEL
290 GEL
404 GEL
575 GEL
316 GEL
440 GEL
217 GEL
205 GEL
282 GEL
178 GEL
VIP package
652 GEL
785 GEL
708 GEL
747 GEL
494 GEL
245 GEL
472 GEL
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