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Jeep Tour + hiking No.5

Jeep tours / Jeep tours
Lost world in the Caucasian Mountains
Jeep tour + hiking
Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Alvani – Omalo – Shenako – Sonekhi Pass – Diklo – Dartlo – Kvavlo – Dano – Chesho – Parsma – Ghirevi – Omalo – Alaverdi – Ananuri – Gudauri – Kazbegi – Gergeti glacier – Juta – Chaukhi – Tbilisi – Zugdidi – Mestia – Jabeshi – Adishi – Iprari – Ushguli – Mountain Shkhara – Mestia – Mountain Ushba – Kutaisi – Gori – Tbilisi
Day 1: Tbilisi
Arrival to Tbilisi. Meeting with the representatives of the agency. Hotel accommodation. Excursion to Tbilisi. The capital of Georgia is unique. Located on several hills, ancient district is spread out on the terraces of the slope. Tbilisi – is a beautiful Kura river with its picturesque rocky shores that flows across the whole city. Tbilisi is one of the rare places in the world, where Orthodox Church, catholic cathedral, synagogue and mosque can peacefully coexist in the territory of Old Town. During the excursion, the list of sightseeing to visit: Metekhi Church (V c.), Narikala fortress (IV c.), Sioni Cathedral (VI-VII c.), Anchiskhati Basilica of St. Mary, the oldest existing church in the capital, Synaxis of Saint Trinity – the temple complex of Tsminda Sameba – the main Cathedral of Georgian Orthodox Church. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 2: Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Tbilisi
Breakfast. Excursion to the ancient capital of Georgia – Mtskheta – the town-museum, included into the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. Visit Temple-Monastery Jvari (VI c.). On the top of the mountain where the temple is placed opens a fantastic view of the conjunction of two rivers – Kura and Aragvi. The site has a beautiful view of the ancient capital of Georgia – Mtskheta. Visit Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (1010-1029), at the basement of which one of the major Christian relics – Lords Tunic is buried, brought in Georgian by Ellious, Jewish citizen of Mtskheta who witnessed crucifixion. This is the burial place of many Georgian kings too. The pieces of the life-giving pillar is preserved here. Visit Samtavro Monastery, where the blackberry bush grows, flowers and fruits whole year round. St. Nino – the enlightener of IV century – lived and preached nearby. Christianity was adapted as a state religion in 324 on behalf of St. Nino. She was the one who convinced king St. Mirian and queen St. Nana to declare Christianity as a state religion. Wonderworking icon of Iberian Mother of God, wonderworking icon of St. Nino, grave of St. King Mirian and Queen Nana, hallows of St. Abibos Nekreseli, St. Shio Mgvimeli are placed inside. Return to Tbilisi. Dinner. Overnight.
Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5
Day 3: Tbilisi – Jeep-tour: Alvani – Omalo – Shenako
Breakfast. Drive to Alvani. Next, Jeep-tour to Omalo – Shenako. Omalo is the economic center of Tusheti region where the only airport, boarding school and hospital of the region are situated. On our way to Omalo we can see towers of Tusheti. These towers were used as protecting fortifications, as well as places of worship. Drive to the village Shenako. Unique technique of the house construction was used in this village. These houses were built without foundation. One of these houses of nineteen century still exists and we can see it. Accommodation in a guest-house of Shenako. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 4: Jeep-tour: Shenako – Sonekhi pass – Diklo
Breakfast. Jeep-tour through Sonekhi pass (2550 m.) to the magnificent village Diklo (2150 m.). There are Tushetian towers situated in this village. Accommodation in a guest-house of Diklo. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 5: Jeep-tour: Diklo – Dartlo – Kvavlo – Dano – Chesho
Breakfast. Jeep-tour to the village Dartlo. This is one of the beautiful villages in the whole region of Tusheti. It is situated at an altitude of 2000 meters above the sea level in the gorge of Pirikita Alazani which is located on the northern slope of the Caucasus Mountains. Next to the castles, towers and buildings there are also the ruins of Christian churches. Next, visit Kvavlo. This village is known for its distinctive architecture tower with a pyramid roofing. Sites link to each other with stone paths. Transfer to a small village Dano. Visit village Chesho, where the ruins of old settlement and three row of towers are preserved. Accommodation in a guest-house of Chesho. Dinner. Overnight.
Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5
Day 6: Jeep-tour: Chesho – Parsma – Girevi – Omalo
Breakfast. Jeep-tour to the village Parsma. This is a charming and remote mountainous village. Houses and towers are built from local boulders and stand there for many centuries. Visit village Girevi. It is located in the valley next to the conjunction of two rivers. Accommodation in a guest-house of Omalo. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 7: Jeep-tour: Omalo – Alaverdi Ananuri – Gudauri – Kazbegi
Breakfast. Visit Alaverdi cathedral (XI c.), the second highest church in Georgia (50 m.). Jeep-tour to Kazbegi. On the way, visit the picturesque Ananuri fortress (XVI c.), located above Aragvi river. Eye witness the amazing beauty of Zhinvali reservoir. Pass the ski resort Gudauri (2200 m) during the stunning trip along Tergi river. The way through Cross Pass (2400 m) will bring us to Stepantsminda (Kazbegi). Hotel accommodation. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 8: Jeep-tour: Kazbegi – glacier Gergeti
Jeep-tour to the church of the Holy Trinity of Gergeti (2170 m above the sea level). When the weather is propitious, the stunning view on the mountain Kazbegi (5147 m) – one of the highest tops of Georgia can be seen. Hiking to the glacier of Gergeti. Return to Kazbegi. Dinner. Overnight.
Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5
Day 9: Jeep-tour: Kazbegi – Juta Chaukhi – Tbilisi – Zugdidi
Breakfast. Jeep-tour to the village Juta. Visit Chaukhi – enormous rock mountain range with several summits. The highest summit is 3800 m. above the sea level. This is a favorite place for climbers so as there are many peaks of different complexity.
After Lunch return to Tbilisi. Dinner. Transfer to the railway station and departure to Zugdidi by the train. Overnight in the train (train compartment).
Day 10: Jeep-tour: Zugdidi – Mestia
Breakfast. Jeep-tour from Zugdidi to Mestia. On the way to Mestia, we can enjoy the fantastic views of four waterfalls and three mountain peaks of the Caucasus – Ushba, Mazera, Shkhelda. Excursion to the city Mestia. It is included into the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.Visit the historic-ethnographical museum, medieval church and the district of fortifications. Hotel accommodation in Mestia. Dinner. Overnight.
Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5
Day 11: Jeep-tour: Mestia – Jabeshi – Adishi
Breakfast. Jeep-tour to Adishi (2040 m.). Hiking through the village Jabeshi – highland of the river Enguri. The location determines its name (translated from Svan – "upper village "; Jabe – the "top "). In Jabeshi there are mineral springs, the main attraction of Svaneti – the towers, the mountain landscapes of stunning beauty, among them: gorge Mulkheri, snowy Summit of Tetnuldi (4858 m.), south slope of Banguriani, summit Komsomol, mountain Ushba and Tviberi range. Return to Adishi Village. Accommodation in a guest house of Adishi. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 12: Jeep-tour: Adishi – Iprari – Ushguli
Breakfast. Hiking to the village Iprari (1890 m.). If necessary, crossing the river on horseback. Along the way, you can see famous Svan towers and enjoy the unique mountain scenery. From the village of Iprari jeep route to the village Ushguli – Svan village at an altitude of 2200m above sea level, the highest permanent settlement in Europe. The village is among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Accommodation in a guest house of Ushguli. Dinner. Overnight.
Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5
Day 13: Jeep-tour: Ushguli – Mountain Shkhara – Mestia
Breakfast. Visit the church Lamaria (2300 m. above the sea level), the museum representing the icons of Ushguli. Jeep-tour to the mountain Shkhara (5201 m.) – the highest mountain in Georgia. Return to Mestia. Hotel accommodation. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 14: Jeep-tour: Mestia – Mountain Ushba – Kutaisi
Breakfast. Jeep route to the nearest place to the mountain Ushba (4700 m.). Next, visit Kutaisi. Excursion in the ancient city Kutaisi, that is more than 3 thousand years old. Visit Gelati (XII c.) monastery and academy, established by the great Georgian king – David IV the Builder. Gelati is included into the list of World Heritage sites of UNESCO. Hotel accommodation. Dinner. Overnight.
Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5 Jeep Tour + hiking No.5
Day 15: Kutaisi – Gori – Tbilisi
Breakfast. Departure to Tbilisi. On the way, visit museum of Stalin. Museum consists of three blocks – museum, house and railway carriage. Visit ancient cave city Uplistsikhe (1 millennium BC). Construction of city continued for centuries and consists of more than 700 caves and different structures, including wineries, bakeries, antique theater, reception hall of Queen Tamara. Arrival to Tbilisi. Hotel accommodation. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 16: Tbilisi
Breakfast. Free time. Transfer to the airport.
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Price includes:
  • Hotel accommodation in the 3* hotel with breakfasts, 3 nights in Tbilisi, 1 night in Kutaisi, and Guest houses: 1 night in Shenako, 1 night in Diklo, 1 night in Chesho, 1 night in Omalo, 2 nights in Kazbegi and 4 nights in Mestian district;
  • Meals included: breakfast amd dinners;
  • Train tickets Tbilisi – Zugdidi;
  • Transportation (day 1; 2; 15 and 16);
  • Jeep rental for Jeep tours (day 3-14).
Price does not include:
  • Guide;
  • Entrance fees;
  • Flight;
  • Personal expenses. 
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