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About a Tour operator Geofit Travel
Tour operator "Geofit Travel"

Tour operator
 in Georgia - "GEOFIT TRAVEL" is the cooperation partner of the "OFIT LTD", founded in 1992, which includes tour operator in Ukraine "Ofit-travel" (1992) and tour operator in Germany "Leofitel Travel". The company was founded by the family, working in the travel business for over 30 years. Over the years, it received a great practical experience in all areas of tourism and now it is a team of professionals, one of the oldest, leading travel companies.

Tour operator "Geofit Travel" has official permission to engage in tourist activity in Georgia.

Team "Geofit Travel" – is a well-coordinated team of like-minders, whose highly professional and intellectual level guarantees a comfortable and efficient service that ensures our success!

Our clients - youth and adults, groups and individual tourists, our countrymen, and many tourists from neighboring countries and Europe.
All employees of the company – are the university graduates, masters with knowledge of two or more foreign languages, with knowledge of computer technology and communication, that work on themselves, are interested in innovations in the field of tourism business development.
At the company for many years work together experienced and young staff.

We do not have indifferent to their work people,  - it all together, provides our success!

Our philosophy


The core of our work is a great sense of responsibility to partners and tourists. In accordance with our principles, successful cooperation requires mutual trust. This trust should not be misused! We are fully aware that working with us, our partners have confidence in us and we do everything, so they  would not disappoint.
We consider ourselves responsible to our tourist from the first to the last day of their trip!


From our point of view, traveling should be possibly cheaper, while the quality should remain high.
Usually the proportion between the price and quality  are  interrelated.
The pricing we proceed not from the maximizing our profits at any cost, but to maximise the comfort of our clients, that each of the tourists should receive in each of the price categories.



We expect from our partners to work together on the  basis of honesty and transparency.
Efficient processing of your orders require structural work together.
Accordingly, all requests must be sent by e-mail or fax. Telephone calls are possible only if there is a very urgent matter. Our partners get answers from us in the shortest possible time.
Calculations can be made in GEL, UAH, U.S. dollars, EUR and Russian Rubles to the bank accounts of the company or in cash.

And the last.

A few days before the departure, we accept orders for servicing tourists, and especially groups, only if we have an opportunity to work it through in the high quality.

All of our offers you can study in detail on our website. Web site is almost daily updated.

For detailed information for the partners with the confidential prices – please register.

Our departments:

Office: 11, Janashiya Str., Tbilisi, Georgia,
Tel. : + 995 568 799 393

17 Staroevreyska Str.,Lviv, Ukraine, 79008, 
Correspondence: Ukraine, 79017, p / 500
Tel.: +380 32 2355777
Fax: +380 32 2356777


Büro: Davoser Str. 11, DE-14199 Berlin
Tel: +49(0)30 31 01 20 71
Fax: +49(0)30 31 80 36 77


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