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 Touroperator "GEOfit- travel " can offer you the following transportation services:
* Travel by comfortable cars, Jeeps, mini-buses, buses;
* Transfer from/ to airport or railway/ bus stations;
* Bus tickets booking;
Reservation of airline tickets;
Booking of railway tickets;
* Car rent.
Information for tourists!
In order to arrive to Georgia by air from all over Europe, you need three to five hours.
The international airports in Georgia are located in Tbilisi and Batumi. Soon, there will be another one in Poti. There are plans to build another airport in Kutaisi.
Tbilisi international airport serves the companies of various airlines.Direct air connections are in the direction of Germany, France, Britain, the Netherlands, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Latvia, the United Arab Emirates and the Czech Republic. "Air Baltic", "Czech Airlines", "Pegasus», UAI and Polish Lot airlines successfully cooperate with the Georgian side.
 From Batumi airport you can get to to Turkey, Belarus and Ukraine. The flight from Batumi to Turkey or from Turkey to Batumiand it is available for everybody.
 Airlines operating in Georgia: Georgia Airways, Turkish Airlines, Belavia, Lufthansa, BMI, Ukrainian International Airlines, Aerosvit, Azal Airlines, Air Baltic, Czech Airlines, Scat, Discovery representative of Donbasaero, Air Batumi, Arkia, Sky Georgia, Pegasus, Travel Time, Lot Polish Airlines.

Come to Georgia by car you can from Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia. As travelers move through the Eurasian continent by car or bike, they often stay on the historical Silk Road. Drivers to move in Georgia need a valid driving license, insurance and a document certifying the ownership of the car. Driver's license is not required when riding a bicycle. At the entrance to Georgia by car, tourists does not bear any additional costs, although, at the border it is necessary to fill the relevant documents.

You can arrive to Georgia by bus from Greece, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. 
It takes 4-6 hours to come to Georgia from Armenia ( buses goes from Yerevan, Vanadzor, Stepanavan, Gyumri, Artek, and Spitak).
From Baku, Azerbaijan, buses leave from 7:30 to 15:00, and are on the journey to 8 to 10 hours.
From Turkey daily buses goes from Istanbul (about 34 hours for the road) and Trabzon (about 12 hours).
Athens buses leave several times a week. Schedule and prices should be clarified at the local stations.
International bus station is located in Tbilisi, Ortachala.
You can come to Georgia by train from Azerbaijan and Armenia, trains arrive in Tbilisi railway station, to the station square. 
Trains to Georgia go from  Baku daily, ticket price of it is about 40-50 dollars.
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  You can come to Georgia by ferry across the Black Sea to  Batumi and Poti ports, there regularly comes ferries with passengers.Marine transportation is between Batumi and Illichivsk (Ilyichevsk), Ukraine. For more information visit  or
Ukrainian ports of Odessa and Illichivsk work with Poti. The trip can be made every Tuesday.
In order to receive more information, visit
In addition, a variety of cruise ships and ferries come to the ports of Batumi and Poti. In order to receive more information, visit web pages:;
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