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Additional conditions of cooperation with Tour Operator Geofit Travel

Additional conditions of cooperation with Tour Operator Geofit Travel
Tour Operator Geofit Travel reserves the right to make minor changes to the sightseeing routes.
Tour Operator Geofit Travel is not responsible for damage caused in the event of force majeure, natural disasters, unforeseen delays on the roads etc, as well as for the loss of documents, loss of personal belongings or money during the tour.
Tour Operator Geofit Travel reserves the right to apply changes to the tour program without reducing the level and quality of services. Please make sure you observe and comply with the local law and current legislation. Travel time and duration of the tours are approximate.
Attention! You must present a valid ID (passport, birth certificate) to check in at your hotel. Please note that all accommodation facilities have check-in and check-out time rules. Accommodation can not be provided before a set time. Guests should leave the room in accordance with the rules of the hotel.

Tour operator Geofit Travel has no control over the delays caused by traffic jams, the actions and activities of local authorities, including police, road works, as well as any other delays beyond the reasonable control of the company.
During periods of bad weather (heavy snowfall, drifts on the roads, low / high temperature, mudslides, heavy rains, floods, smog, etc.), the company reserves the right in exceptional cases to change the tour program: replacement of tour destinations. In case replacement is not possible the company may cancel tour destinations (with the subsequent return of the cost of the site visit), due to the weather conditions at the time of the tour that may endanger the safety of tourists. 
A decision on this replacement / cancellation of tour destinations is taken by the guide and the leading tour manager unilaterally.
Please note that during late autumn, winter, and early spring some tour destination visits may happen in the dark due to short daylight hours.
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