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4 days tour in Trabzon (Turkey)

Optional tours / Tours from Batumi
4 days tour in Trabzon (Turkey)
Day 1: Batumi – Gonio Apsar – Sarpi – Trabzon
Breakfast. Overlook of Gonio Apsar fortress — the oldest fortress in Georgia, on the board with Turkey. The fortress was built in I-II century AD, and served as citadel of Roman at first, and then of the Byzantine Empire. Total length of fortress is 900 m, walls height - 5 m, the height of each of the eighteen towers is 7 m.
Deaprture ro Sarpi to cross Georgian-Turkish border. Arrival to Trabzon (Turkey). Hotel accommodation. Overnight.
4 days tour in Trabzon (Turkey) 4 days tour in Trabzon (Turkey) 4 days tour in Trabzon (Turkey) 4 days tour in Trabzon (Turkey) 4 days tour in Trabzon (Turkey)
Day 2: Trabzon
Breakfast. Trabzon was founded in the VII century BC by Greeks from Sinop. In ancient times it was called Trebizond, probably due to its shape, reminiscent of a table (in Greek: "meal"), or in connection with the shape of the mountains protecting it. Having a beautiful nature, Trabzon is also famous for its historical monuments. A remarkable monument of culture of Trabzon is the Cathedral of St. Sophia (XIII c.). At the beginning of XVII century the cathedral was converted into a mosque, and in 1959, after the restoration it became a museum. Trabzon preserved a great number of monuments of Islamic architecture. Gyulbahar Hatun Mosque and the tomb remind us of the princess Comnenus, who became the wife of Sultan Bayezid II, returned with his son (later Selim I the Terrible) in Trabzon as a vicar of Sultan. Gyulbahar Hatun Mosque - is the first building in Trabzon, that was constracted as a mosque from the begining. Most mosques are former Greek temples. There is also a former Armenian church.
Ataturk palace is located within a small pine grove of Sopuksu County. The palace was founded in the early 20th century. Ataturk lived in this palace during his visit in 1914 and 1917. After his death, the palace was decorated with furniture of Trabzon Municipality, restored as Ataturk Museum, where the leader of the state, wrote his memoirs in 1917.
Free time. Overnight.
 4 days tour in Trabzon (Turkey) 4 days tour in Trabzon (Turkey) 4 days tour in Trabzon (Turkey) 4 days tour in Trabzon (Turkey) 4 days tour in Trabzon (Turkey) 
Day 3: Trabzon
Breakfast. Excursion to the Sumela monastery one of the oldest and most historic monasteries in the Christian world.  It is located high up on the steep cliffs above the surrounding forest in Trabzon.
The monastery was founded in AD 386 during the reign of the Emperor Theodosius I (375 - 395), Barnabas and Sophronios, two Athenian monks, founded the monastery. It became famous for an icon of the Virgin Mary known as the Panagia Gorgoepekoos, said to have been painted by the Apostle Luke. Not far from the church there are the ruins of two important monasteries. One of them is Vazelon Monastery built in 270 AD. The monastery dedicated to John the Baptist. Another is Peristera (Kustul) Monastery built in the middle of the 8th century. Only the base of the church has survived to the present. The eastern part of the coast is occupied by tea plantations. This tea, maked famous this land, came here just before the Second World War. And now the profit from the sale of million tons of tea leaves is the basis of the city's economy. Return to Trabzon. Free time. Walk in the city. Overnight.
4 days tour in Trabzon (Turkey) 4 days tour in Trabzon (Turkey) 4 days tour in Trabzon (Turkey) 4 days tour in Trabzon (Turkey) 4 days tour in Trabzon (Turkey)   
Day 4 : Trabzon – Batumi
Breakfast. Departure to Batumi. Border crossing. Hotel accommodation. Free time on the sea.
Georgia is famous for its tolerance to the world religions.
Ortadzhame Mosque gets its name from its location between two other Muslim temples (in Turkish "Horta" - average). It was built in the 1880s and today it is the only surviving mosque in Batumi. Together with other religious buildings had been closed during the Soviet era. In 1990 restoration works were held and the mosque has renewed its spiritual and cultural life.
Optional visit of the Batumi Delphinarium
Price includes: accommodation with breakfast, transport service, guide and entrance fees.
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