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Old Metekhi restaurant

About Georgia
Old Metekhi restaurant
A cozy restaurant of European and Georgian cuisine is situated on the coast of the Mtkvari River just next to the metro station "Avlabari" and the church Metekhi. Enormous windows of "Old Metekhi" offer beautiful views of the river and famous tourist attractions.
The restaurant's total capacity is about 115 guests, who can dine in the spacious main hall, on the terrace or in the VIP- hall. The interior is decorated in restrained European style with wooden furniture, white tablecloths, classic table appointments and soft light. Guests can have rest in the bar.
All of the dishes in restaurant are prepared with fresh ingredients and served very quickly. Visitors discover a wide selection of meat dishes, side dishes, wines and cocktails. In addition, the restaurant serves great desserts with fresh fruits and ice cream. The menu is presented in Georgian and English languages. 
Guests often can see performances of Georgian musicians and dancers in restaurant. Peaceful jazz compositions as background music always create nice atmosphere. There is an opportunity to order a banquet, a wedding or a corporate party here.
Type of cuisine: Georgian and European;
Menu Language: Georgian and English;
Opening hours: 11:30 till the last guest.
Live music;
Credit card accepted.
Old Metekhi restaurant Old Metekhi restaurant Old Metekhi restaurant
Old Metekhi restaurant Old Metekhi restaurant Old Metekhi restaurant
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