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Wedding in Kvareli

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Wedding in Kvareli

Wedding in Kvareli Wedding in Kvareli
Kvareli is a small town in the east of Georgia in the picturesque grapes region of Kakheti. It is located about 150 km from Tbilisi. Kvareli offers stunning views of the valleys and mountains, it's silence and pacification. Kvareli is the homeland of the great publicist and "father of the Georgian nation" Ilya Chavchavadze. This is the legendary "Kindzmarauli" and a whole winery where you can find out all the subtleties of the origin of this "drink of the gods". Still, Kvareli lake is an amazing place for outdoor recreation.
There are three places in Kvareli where you can hold a wedding ceremony:
 Wedding in Kvareli
House of Justice, Kvareli. In the Kvareli House of Justice offer 2 terraces for the marriage: one open for summer and another closed for winter. From both terraces there is an unforgettable view of the mountains and the Alazani valley.
Registration days: any day.
 Wedding in Kvareli
Wedding on the shore of Kvareli Lake. Kvareli Lake is located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level and 200 meters above the Alazani Valley. Perhaps it can be called one of the diamonds of Kakheti. On the shore of the lake is located Kvareli Lake Resort. This is a fascinating place. Here you can sit for hours on the terrace and look through the whole lake as eagles hover over the mountains. There is a ringing silence and the peace of the mighty mountains enveloping you. That is the real place of strength, meditation and comfort. The wedding ceremonies held here are especially piercing and solemn. Mountains and a smooth lake will be the best witnesses for your wedding.
Days of registration: any day.
 Wedding in Kvareli
Wedding in the hotel-fortress Royal Batoni. In the small town of Kvareli, on the shores of Lake Ilya there is a magnificent Royal-Fortress hotel. Royal Batoni is a journey through time. Fabulous interiors of Royal Batoni make your wedding unique. We suggest you hold your wedding ceremony on the tower of the Royal Batoni fortress with a view of the magnificent lake, mountains and valley.
Days of registration: any day.
The price for marriage registration in Kvareli  from 550 USD for 2 persons

The price includes:
  • Time reservation;
  • Preliminary processing of documents;
  • Notarized translation of the certificate of the wedding in English;
  • State taxes and fees,
  • Accompaniment in Russian or English at all stages of marriage registration;
  • 2 witnesses with Georgian citizenship;
  • Transfers along the route.
 The prices does not include:
  • Flight reservation;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Accommodation;
  • Additional services: champagne, music, limousine, flowers, photo, video and more.
Required documents for both parties:
  • Valid foreign passports with translation into Georgian (for first time marriages);
  • Divorce document (for divorced) with apostille and translation into Georgian;
  • Certificate of death (for widowers) with apostille and translation into Georgian.
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