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Rafting on Kura river

Rafting, Rafting
Rafting on Kura river
Rafting on Kura river Rafting on Kura river Rafting on Kura river Rafting on Kura river Rafting on Kura river
Kura is the largest river in Georgia. The Georgian name of the river "Mtkvari" is associated either with the Georgian "good water" or with the Megrelian "river that eats mountains." The kura flows mainly among the gorges (the most famous is the Borjomi gorge).
  • Rafting in Mtkvari, near Borjomi
Season: April – May.
The tour begins at the Kvabiskhevi village and ends at Borjomi
Approximate length of the routes: 12 km.
Duration: 45 minutes (1 hour).
Season: May - September
The tour begins at the Chitakhevi Dam, when the water level in the river drops and ends in Borjomi.
Approximate length of the routes: 8 km.
The difficulty level - 2-4 (medium). Age of participants - 10+ years.
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes.
Tour price is 43 USD per person

The price includes:
  • Rafting;
  • Each boat is accompanied by a qualified instructor!
  • Before rafting, all participants will undergo special training (20-30 minutes).
The price does not include:
  • Transfer Tbilisi - rafting – Tbilisi.
In Borjomi there is a specially organized camp where for an extra charge you can enjoy:
Archery - 3 USD per person for 1 hour;
Climbing - 4 USD per person;
Horse riding - 11 USD per person;
Riding on quad bikes – 11 USD per person;
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