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Chateau Fort de Manavi

About Georgia / Georgian wines
«Chateau Fort de Manavi»


Шато ФОрт де Манави Шато ФОрт де Манави Шато ФОрт де Манави


Hotel "Chateau Fort de Manavi"
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Welcome to "Chateau Fort de Manavi" - the Kakhetian oasis of human warmth, benevolence and Georgian hospitality. Of course, you have heard a lot about Georgia, but in order to understand, feel and fall in love with Georgia forever, you have to plunge into the atmosphere of a Georgian hospitable village.
"Chateau Fort de Manavi" is an opportunity to spend the night in a Georgian village in comfortable conditions, get acquainted with the old technology of making and storing magical Georgian wine, and in the fall and take part in rtveli, bake with us fragrant bread (puri) that we eat with cheese, but which in itself is so tasty that it is impossible to tear yourself away from it, learn the secrets of cooking Georgian cuisine "first-hand" and learn how to cook them from products grown in our farm, in the beds, without any.
The jewel of our "Chateau Fort de Manavi" is the Art Gallery, one of its a kind. It exhibits only the works of local folk artists who do not create for the sake of fame or money, but simply because they cannot do otherwise - this is how they think, this is how they feel, this is how they breathe, and therefore all their works are imbued with a great sense of kindness and love. 
We invite you to "Chateau Fort de Manavi", where you will feel just in an old Georgian fairy tale and love Georgia, just like we do!
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