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Education in Georgia

About Georgia
Education in Georgia

General education in Georgia  regulated by the laws of Georgia: "On General Education" and "On Education Quality Enhancement"; Operating by the National Curriculum and other Sub-legal acts. Full general education includes 12 years of study and  carried out in three levels (primary, basic, secondary).

Primary Education
Education in Georgia is compulsory between ages 6 and 14 and begins with 4 years in elementary school. The school year runs from september through to june, with head teacher discretion to close for longer periods in winter, and at harvest time.

Basic Education
Middle school continues through grades 5 to 9. At age 15, by which time education is no longer compulsory, students may sit for their arasruli sashulo ganaltebis motsmoba certificate.

Secondary Education
The final 3 years of secondary school are spent at either academic secondary schools, or technical special secondary schools. Examinations taken around age 18 are for sashualo ganatlebis atestasi, or sashualo profesiuli sastsavleblis diplomi certificates respectively.

Vocational Education
In addition to ongoing vocational programs, students may also take 2 year professional training courses that lead to diplomas and access to tertiary education too.

Higher Education
Higher education in Georgia  regulated by the Laws on Higher Education; "On Education Quality Enhancement" and other sub-legislative acts.
There are more than 20 state higher education institutions in Georgia, and many more private ones too. All follow the traditional model of bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees.

The oldest of these is Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University founded in 1918. There, over 20,000 students attend at 8 branches across the country. Faculties include exact & natural sciences, humanities, social & political sciences, economics & business, law, and medicine.

Georgia officially joined the Bologna Process, which makes it part of the single educational space of Europe. This factor is one of the reasons why this country is very attractive for foreign entrants. The first three of prestigious Georgian universities include the Tbilisi State University, the State University of Ilya and the Tbilisi Independent University. These universities are an excellent "aerodrome", which will allow entrants to reach incredible heights in their careers.
Universities of Tbilisi

University of Batumi

University of Gori
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