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Georgian banks

About Georgia
Georgian banks
Georgia has a lot of banks. Many of the Georgian banking operations are conducted from 9:00 to 19:00. The U.S. dollars are widely used in Georgia (especially in the private sector). Therefore the exchange rates are very topical. Many banks offer this service. In many cities, in addition to banks, there are special exchange offices. Money also can be exchanged at private exchange point, but remember that the risk of being cheated is great! Therefore, we recommend you use the services of legal organizations! In the capital of Georgia - Tbilisi, in addition to U.S. dollars and GEL, credit cards such as VISA, Eurocard, Mastercard, Cirrus and Maestro are used too. Basically, they can be used in some luxury hotels, large shops and banks. In other places you will have to pay by cash!
Georgian Banks
NameDate of creation
National Bank of Georgia1991
TBC Bank20.01.1993
Bank of Georgia15.12.1994
Liberty Bank (Georgia)10.02.1993
Basis Bank11.04.1993
VTB Bank (Georgia)07.05.1995
Cartu Bank 09.01.1997
ProCredit Bank13.05.1999
Silk Road Bank13.02.2001
Ziraat Bank16.03.1998
Isbank Georgia30.07.2015
Halyk Bank Georgia29.01.2008
PASHA Bank Georgia17.01.2013
International Bank of Azerbaijan - Georgia07.02.2007
FINCA Bank Georgia06.08.2013
Credo Bank20.03.2017

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