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Short tour to Azerbaijan

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Short tour to Azerbaijan
Baku – Gobustan – Shemakha – Sheki – Baku, 5 days, 4 nights
Day 1: Baku
Arrival to Baku. Hotel accommodation.
Optional, welcome dinner in the local restaurant.
Overnight in Baku.
Day 2: Baku – Gobustan – Baku
Breakfast. Excursion begins with a visit to Nagorny Park. It is located on a hill in the western part of the city. This is the best place to see the city itself and the Baku Bay. Tourists will visit and see: Flag Square, Baku Boulevard, the Government House (formerly the House of Soviets), the building of the first casino in the Caucasus, the Philharmonic Hall, City Hall, and they will visit the Governor's Garden. Walking tour in the "Old City": the block of the old Baku "Ichery – Shekher", historical and architectural reserve in the city center, in December 2000, it was included to the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage; Maiden Tower (XIIv.), mosque Bibi Heybat (XIIv.) built by Shirvanshahs Abu al-Fath Farruhzadom; Maiden Tower of the Shirvanshahs Palace (XVI c.), where were well preserved mosque, bath and entrance gates.
Next, departure to the reserve "Gobustan". Azerbaijan takes the first position in the world in terms of the number of mud volcanoes. There are as many as 350 pieces (in the world about 800). The dirt there began to spill out of the ground in this particular place only 50 years ago. You will be able to visit and climb up close to the craters of mud volcanoes and watch the bubbling of liquid clay. In 2007, the cultural landscape of the art of Gobustan rock was included in the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage. There are about 6000 images that were created since the Mesolithic period and the Middle Ages. Figures are found mainly in caves and at the ruins of the rocks. Among the pictures, you can find hunting scenes, ritual dances, farming, depict of various animals, boats and various symbolic signs.
The temple of fire worshippers Ateshgah is located 30 km from the center of Baku and was revered at different times by Zoroastrians, Hindus, and Sikhs. This territory is known for such a unique natural phenomenon as burning natural gas outlets (underground gas coming onto surface contacts oxygen and lights up). The temple in its present state was constructed in the 17th-18th centuries. The pentagonal complex has an open courtyard with temple-altar in the center which was the place of pilgrimage for worshippers.
Return to Baku. 
Optional walk along the Baku Boulevard including a forty-minute cruise across the Caspian Sea (on calm weather). 

Short tour to Azerbaijan Short tour to Azerbaijan Short tour to Azerbaijan Short tour to Azerbaijan Short tour to Azerbaijan
Day 3: Baku – Shemakha – Ismailly – Gabala – Baku 
Breakfast. Excursion in Shemakha - one of the oldest and most interesting cities. Founded approximately in V c. BC, in the IX. BC was the capital of an extensive kingdom of Shirvan, in the XVIII c. - Shemakhan Khanate. The main attraction of the city is Giz-Galasi fortress (Gulistan, XI-XII centuries.) - the last refuge of Shirvanshahs, mausoleum of Eddie Gumbez "Seven Domes" with numerous tombs of rulers of Shemakha, Juma Cathedral Mosque (X c., rebuilt in the XIX century.), numerous ruins of buildings of X-XVII centuries. It is a recognized center of carpet weaving.
Departure to Ismailly region. Ismailly surprises the foreign visitor for the vast woods surrounding it, not quite the stereotype landscape you grow to expect of Azerbaijan or the southern Caucasus in general! The people here retain their dedication to ancient crafts. Carpet weaving remains strong (Galadzhig and Tezekend villages), as does the production of copper-ware, tannery, metal engraving... The traditions of handicraft, the manufacture of cold steel and copper objects decorated with engraved patterns are preserved in Lahich village. Next, we will visit the Gabala town - the administrative center of the district, located on the spurs of Mount Shahdag. The 2,500 year city is said to be the old capital of Caucasian Albania. Today, all that exists, at least on the surface, are two towers which formed a gateway to the city, some crumbling fortress walls, and some remains of the towers on the walls; they were every 25m along the walls. You can still see the remains of five watchtowers and the walls between them; burial grounds; gates; furnaces; residences; etc. Nearby is Boyuk Amili, famous for the remains its Albanian church. There is also a History museum housing most of the artefacts found in the excavations. Among the findings there is a treasure with coins from ancient Greece, bearing Alexander the Great's image.
Return to Baku. Overnight. 
Short tour to Azerbaijan Short tour to Azerbaijan Short tour to Azerbaijan Short tour to Azerbaijan Short tour to Azerbaijan
Day 4: Baku
Breakfast. Free day for individual excursions.
Day 5: Baku
Breakfast. Depending on the departure time, free time. Transfer to the airport for your flight to back home.
Tour price in EURO per person
Price per person in TWIN / DBL
Additional payment for single room
Hotel 3* in Baku
Nemi“ / „Central Baku“ / „Consul“ or similar hotels 3* in the city center
Hotel 4* in Baku
Nobel“ / „Modern“ / „Boutique“ / „Grand“ / „Central Park“ or similar hotels 4* in the city center
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The price includes:
  • Accommodation: 4 nights in Baku in chosen hotel, standard double rooms with breakfasts;
  • Professional English speaking guide;
  • Transfers airport - hotel - airport;
  • Transport service according to the program and local public transport to mud volcanos;

The price does not include:

Additional services require prior reservation!

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