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Jeep tour No. 1

Jeep tours / Jeep tours
Jeep tour No. 1
Conducting period from 20.05 to 15.09
Tbilisi - Mtskheta – Tsalka – Ninotsminda – Paravani Lake – Vardzia – Akhaltsykhe – Abastumani – Zekari – Kutaisi – Mestia – Ushguli – Batumi
Day 1: Tbilisi
Arrival to Tbilisi. Meeting with the representatives of the agency. Hotel accommodation. Optional folklore welcome dinner with Georgian songs and dances (for extra charge). Overnight in the hotel.

Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1
Day 2:Tbilisi - Mtskheta - Tbilisi
Breakfast. Excursion in Tbilisi. The capital of Georgia is unique. It is located on the several mountain hills, on which "creep" the old blocks. Tbilisi - is a beautiful river Kura with its picturesque rocky shores, that flows across the whole city.
"Old Town" - is the historic center of Tbilisi, that is located at the root of Mtatsminda (Holy Mount) mountain. Almost all of the buildings of the Old Town are historical and cultural sites, this part of the city is round - the - clock full of life, here walk alone or in groups tourists, meet lovers near the Clock Tower. This amuzing Tower appeared here recently, built by the Puppet Theatre director Rezo Gabriadze. Here artists exhibit their paintings, artisans offer numerous souvenirs. Basically here are 2-3 storeyed houses, built of brick and stone, that have a particular Tbilisi architecture, distinguished by narrow streets, galleries and carved wooden balconies.
Tbilisi is one of the rare places in the world, where can peacefully exist in the Old Town orthodox church, catholic cathedra, synagogue and mosque. During the excursion, visit of Mechetian Church (V c.), Sioni Cathedral (VI-VII c.), Anchiskhati Basilica of St Mary, the oldest surviving church, Synaxis of Saint Trinity of the temple complex of Tsminda Sameba - the main Cathedral of Georgian Orthodox Church. The rise by the cable car (tickets for extra charge) to the Narikala fortress ( IV c.).
Then, excursion in Mtskheta. Visit of temple- monastery Jvari (VI c.). At the top of the mountain, where the temple is located, opens a fantastic view on the place of confluence of two rivers - Kura and Aragvi. There also opens a beautiful view on the ancient capital of Georgia - Mtskheta. Visit of Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (1010-1029), at the bottom of which is buried one of the major Christian relics Lords chiton, as well as the burial place of many of the Georgian kings. Here is also the part of life-giving pillar. Visit of Samtavro monastery, where year round grow, flower and fruit blackberry bush, near of which in the IV century lived and preached St. Nino- enlightener, the first preacher of Christianity in Georgia. The official adoption of Christianity in Georgia in 324 is associated with the name of St. Nino, with the assistance and participation of the King St. Miriam and Queen St. Nana. It was St. Nino who persuaded the king Miriam and queen Nana to adopt Christianity in Georgia. Woderworking icon of Iberian Mother of God, woderworking icon of St. Nino, grave of St. Tsar Merian and Tsarina Nani, hallows of St. Abibos Nekresky, St. Shio Mhvimskoho are inside. Return to Tbilisi. Overnight.
  Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1
Day 3: Tbilisi – Tsalka – Ninotsminda – Paravani Lake - Vardzia (300 km) jeep tour
Breakfest. Receiving the car.
Departure to Vardzia through Tsalka and Ninotsminda. Paravani Lake is the largest in Georgia, located at an altitude of 2,074 meters above sea level. Lunch - have to take with you. Visit Vardzia cave monastery complex (XII- XIII c.) – 19 storied rock town (Local guide). For 900 m along the left bank of Kura river, in the plumb wall of the mountain, around 600 buildings are cut out, among them churches, chapels, parrocks, pantries, baths, libraries. There are preserved secret passages, remains of plumbing, and irrigation system. Vardzia is the site of Golden Age. More than thousands of monks lived there, and when being attacked, about 20 thousand of people could shelter there.
Degustation of local red wine under the name “Tears of Tamar” (for extra charge). Dinner - trout on a spit. Overnight in hotel or in cottage.
Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1
Day 4: Vardzia – Akhaltsykhe – Abastumani – Sekari – Kutaisi (220 km) jeep tour
Breakfast. Excursion in recently reconstructed Akhaltsykhe fortress, the motherland of Charles Aznavur, the ancient center of Catholicism in Georgia. In the complex, together with Orthodox Church of St. Marina, Mosque, Catholic Church and monastery of Benedictine Sisters, Synagogue and Armenian Church are placed. Lunch - have to take with you. Next, departure to Abastumani – resort founded in the second half of XIX c. Pure mountain air, moderate humidity, no strong winds make Abastumani attractive. This place is connected to the great Russian royal family of Romanov. Almost half his life brother of Emperor Nicholas II – George spent there, and died there too. Departure to Kutaisi thorugh Zekari pass (2180 m). Hotel accommodation. Overnight in Kutaisi.
Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1
Day 5: Kutaisi – Mestia (270 km) jeep tour
Breakfast. Excursion in the ancient city Kutaisi that is more than 3 thousand years old. Visit Gelati academy established by the great Georgian king David IV the Builder. Gelati monastery is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Excursion to the cave of Prometheus, where we recall the legend of Prometheus. According to the legend, Prometheus gave the fire to people, and because of that he was enchained to the rock (Local guide). Lunch - have to take with you. On the way to Mestia, we will enjoy the view of four waterfalls and three mountain peaks of the Caucasus - Ushba, Mazera, Shkhelda. Excursion in Mestia, that is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Visit of the historic-ethnographical museum, medieval church and district of fortifications in Mestia (Local guide). Accommodation in guest house. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 6: Mestia – Ushguli (60 km) jeep tour
Breakfast. Departure to Ushguli -  Svanetian village located at 2200 m. above the sea level that is the highest permanently inhabited place in Europe and it is included in the list of UNESCO protected sites. Visit Lamaria church (2300 m above sea level), Ushguli museum of icons, Towers of Queen Tamara, Ushguli Ethnographic Museum. Lunch - have to take with you. Jeep tour to the direction of Shkhara – the highest mountain in Georgia (5201 m.). Accommodation in guest house. Dinner. Overnight in Ushguli.
Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1 Jeep tour No. 1
Day 7: Ushguli – Mestia – Batumi (360 km) jeep tour
Breakfast. Departure to Batumi“Georgian Singapore”, the most famous the Black Sea resort in Georgia with the population of 120 000. Lunch - have to take with you. Hotel accommodation. Overnight.
Day 8: Batumi
Breakfast. Excursion in the city: animated fountains (laser show), worldknown dolphinarium, Argonauts square with Medea statue. Visiting card of Batumi, a popular place for residents and guests of the city is Batumi Piazza, built in 2009. In 2010, the decoration of the city has become the new, 7 meters high, moving sculpture of Love. The statue is represented by the figure of a woman and a man. They move to each other during 8-10 minutes in very original and beautiful way and eventually merge as one. Walk along the boulevard.  
Upon request (for extra charge), excursion in Botanical Garden that has more than 5 thousand exotic plants, including rose garden, with 1200 sorts of roses. Overnight.
Day 9: Batumi 
Breakfast. Free time for the souvenirs purchase. Car rental. Transfer to the airport. Home return.
Price in Euro p/p
2 pax
4 pax
6 pax
Surcharge for single occupancy
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Price includes:
  • Hotel accommodation in the 3* hotel with breakfasts, 2 nights in Tbilisi, 2 nights in Batumi, 1 night in Kutaisi, and Guest houses with breakfasts: 1 night in Vardzia, 1 night in Mestia, 1 night in Ushguli;
  • Dinners in Mestia, in Ushguli and in Vardzia;
  • English-speaking guide: Tbiblisi - Mtskheta, Kutaisi, Batumi;
  • Transport service (day 1 and 2);
  • Jeep rental for Jeep tours.
Price does not include:
  • Guide service;
  • Degustation “Tears of Tamar”;
  • Folklore welcome dinner with Georgian songs and dances;
  • Entrance fees;
  • Flight;
  • Personal expenses.
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