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'EX' Powder Classic Heliski programs

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'EX' Powder Classic Heliski programs 
('EX' Powder Classic - multiple day heliski programs, excluding transfers and accommodation.)
**Guaranteed meters
Included meters up to*
Cost per person, €
6 days
3 days
* If you reach the amount of vertical meters Guaranteed in your package before the end of the any of Classic Heliski program, you can still heliski Included v/m within your chosen package length only.
**If the amount of Guaranteed VM is not reached by the end of your package, then you will receive a refund for the un-skied vertical metres at a rate of 118 Euros per 1000 metres. The refund is calculated based on the difference between the Guaranteed VM and the vertical metres actually skied during your package.
Program includes the following services:
• Set amount of Included v/m of heliskiing/heliboarding, with applicable refund based on Guaranteed v/m if weather conditions or other impediment preclude safe flying and skiing
• Mountain Lunch on the slopes
• Special Powder Skis (Dynastar Cham107) and ski poles
• Safety Equipment (Mammut Barryvox transceiver + Airbag backpack + related avalanche gear)
• Safety Orientation and Training on the use of safety equipment
• Professional Guide Services (UIAGM / IFMGA / IVBV mountain guides)
As for the ski equipment, please note that, we do not provide ski/snowboard boots and helmets. In case of Heliboarding, please take your snowboard with you. The rental equipment that can be found in the sport shops in Gudauri is adequate for skiing / snowboarding on regular tracks but has a very limited choice for activities off-piste and heliskiing. So, besides powder skis, ski poles and safety equipment mentioned above, we recommend our customers to bring their own equipment.
Risk awareness & Waiver of Liability
We believe it is important for our guests to be fully aware of the safety issues involved in backcountry skiing and to have a thorough understanding of the environment they will be exposed to. We do our best to provide you with a safe and outstanding adventure. As a guest, paying close attention to the instructions and obeying the rules is of paramount importance to help make your adventure as safe as possible.
Furthermore, as the risks associated with this type of activity cannot be eliminated entirely, you must understand and accept these risks. To take part in any of our programs, every guest is required to sign a Release of Liability/Acceptance of Risks agreement. Please, read this document carefully before booking (sent separately); you will be asked to sign it at the time of check-in.
To avoid any financial burden that an unexpected cancellation or medical emergency could cause you, prior to arrival in Gudauri, we strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance that would cover trip cancellation/interruption as well as medical emergency and evacuation. Make sure the evacuation insurance also covers helicopter evacuation from the field in case of injury while heli-skiing.
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