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Our heli-ski area borders Mt Kazbegi (5,054 m) and spreads over several sub-ranges, in Georgia. We have access to some 2,000 square kilometers of amazing mountain landscape, with high towering peaks, vast alpine bowls and deep valleys. The area offers a great choice of terrain; we have a variety of runs and steepness to accommodate every level, from firs time heli-skier to expert freerider. Many of our landings (top of the runs) are above 3,000 m and up to 4,200 m for the highest. When conditions in the high alpine are not suitable, we use areas of lower elevations which give us some excellent skiing / riding with runs ending as low as 1,200 m in the valley bottoms.
Group Arrangement and Skiing Skills
We specialize in small-group heli-skiing – from four skiers per group with one guide, eight skiers with two guides, etc. When making the groups, we carefully consider the level of expertise of each guest and group people of similar ability. Moreover, we select safe terrain of corresponding difficulty to make your skiing experience as enjoyable as possible. Small groups allow us to provide a personalized experience. We may have to mix skiers and snowboarders in a group. However, we are careful in the process of ‘mixing and matching’ and the guides will do their best to accommodate the needs of everyone in their group.
Heli-skiing is not only for expert skiers/snowboarders. However, in order to fully enjoy your heli-skiing /heli-boarding experience, you should make sure you meet the following minimum requirements for fitness and ability: You should be in good physical shape. Powder skiing / riding can be physically more demanding than traditional skiing / riding on groomed slopes. Furthermore, heli-skiing involves landing at high altitudes. For people leaving near sea level or at low altitude, it is recommended to spend a few days acclimatizing at a mountain resort before going heli-skiing.
If you don’t have any experience in off-piste skiing it is fine. On groomed slopes, in a ski resort, you should be comfortable skiing or riding most types of runs. For a skier, this means you are able to link parallel turns with ease on intermediate runs, and you can also ski in control when venturing into more challenging terrain; for a snowboarder, it means you are at ease making solid / consistent turns on intermediate runs, you are still confident when venturing into more challenging terrain and you can ride in control at higher speed.
There are no minimum or upper age limits whatsoever. Youngsters under 18 need a written declaration of consent from their parents or legal guardian.
During the days of non-flying weather, Gudauri ski resort welcomes you to enjoy fine piste skiing / snowboarding.
The helicopters are stationed throughout the season in the hangar close to the hotel Gudauri Marco Polo.
For the flying comfort and safety of our guests, we have chosen one of the best rotorcrafts in business aviation - the Eurocopter AS350 B3 Ecureuil. This small single-engine helicopter has excellent aviation, technical and fligh safety features. It provides the fastest, quietest ride as well as the highest level of passenger comfort in its class. The AS350 B3 model is powered by a powerful Turbomeca Arriel turbine-engine, with a digital control system. It can fly at an altitude of up to 7,010 m with a full payload. It is designed to carry out the most demanding missions, including flying at high altitude and in extreme weather conditions. Eurocopter AS350 B3 has a seating capacity Eurocopter AS350 B3 has a seating skiers, one guide and the pilot. It is equipped with a special basket for transporting skis and snowboards and has plenty of cargo space to store all the necessary rescue equipment and food.
All the Heliksir pilots are highly qualified pilots from Europe, with extensive mountain flyin experience. The helicopters are inspected and serviced on a daily basis by licensed aircraft maintenance engineers.
Heliksir guides are chosen based on their professional qualifications and dedication to safety. They are all internationally certified through the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (UIAGM / IF-MGA/ IVBV). Therefore, their formal training and extensive experience guarantee a high level of expertise in mountain guiding, backcountry skiing, avalanche forecasting and emergency response. Members of our guiding team have accumulated years of experience working in different parts of the world. They are dedicated to providing you with a safe and unique powder adventure.
Out in the field, guides maintain constant radio contact with each other as well as with helicopter/pilot and our base station through a radio repeater system. This ensures quick and efficient response in the event of an emergency.
Safety is our highest priority. As adventure sports, freeriding and heli-skiing are associated with risks and dangers that can cause harm to one’s health. These activities take place in a mountain environment where special attention to hazards and strict adherence to safety rules are essential to reduce the risks. You will be accompanied by our UIAGM certifie guides at all times. They are professional and experienced mountain guides who will continuously make every effort to minimize the risks and keep you from exposure to potential hazards. All our guides are trained to assess and manage avalanche risk. They monitor the avalanche conditions on a daily basis, gathering data through snowpack analysis and weather observation, in order to evaluate the snow stability and make guiding decisions accordingly. We provide each guest with state-of-thr-art safety equipment.
Our guides and pilots are certified to the highest levels in their professions to provide you with a safe and outstanding day. Every morning they attend a comprehensive meeting where they discuss weather, flying conditions, snow stability and terrain selection in order to determine the safest operational plan for the day. Out in the field, they maintain constant radio contact with each other, as well as with our base station through a radio repeater system. This ensures quick and efficient response in the event of an emergency.
Heli-Skiing is different from other kinds of skiing / riding and therefore has specific requirements for equipment. Following is a list of ski gear and safety gear we provide at no extra charge, as well as recommendations for the equipment you need to bring. During heliski program, we provide to all our guests with: Special Powder Skis - Dynastar Cham 107; Ski poles; Safety Equipment -Mammut Pulse Avalanche Transceiver + The Mammut Rocker 15L Protection Airbag Backpack+Avalanche Shovel Mammut Alugator Light+ Mammut Avalanche Probe Light.
Please note: We do not provide ski boots and helmets. In case of Heli-boarding please take your snowboard with you. If you do not have any of listed equipment of your own, there is a ski rental in the hotel Gudauri Marco Polo where you can rent them though we recommend that you bring your own equipment, as you might not find an appropriate selection of rentals at the local shop.
Wear the clothes you would use for skiing in the Alps. “Layering” clothes is a proven way to adjust to changing weather and temperature. Gloves, warm hat, goggles, sunglasses and sunscreen (high protection factor for high mountains) are also important parts of your equipment, as well as sports clothes, training suit, training shoes, etc.
Any claims proceeding from sports activities included in the package are explicitly released. Through booking this, you recognize the dangers inherent to high mountains. Even a highly qualified guide is not infallible, when confronted with extreme mountain wilderness conditions out of control. The top priority for the guides is to minimize the risks.
All helicopter flights are taken at your own risk. Insurances for helicopter flights are not included in the program. No claims as to damage resulting from heli skiing or other sports activities will be accepted. Prior to heli skiing all guests are required to sign a waiver of liability.
By signing this document, you acknowledge the release of all claims against tour operator, travel agent, hotel or heli guide.
You will receive a waiver sample with the confirmation of booking. You may also request a copy prior to booking.
None of our programs include insurance, neither for helicopter flight nor for heliski or trip cancellation insurance.
We recommend that you purchase a Trip Cancellation Insurance.
Health and accident insurances with “worldwide” coverage are the responsibility of the holder.
For your entry in Georgia you need a valid passport. Citizens of the nations of the CIS, USA, EU and Switzerland do not need a visa for one full year.
Time Zone
Tbilisi = C.E.T. (Central European Time) + 4 hours
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