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Summer tours in Anaklia

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Anaklia - is a new resort on the Black Sea coast, designed by Spanish architects. The resort was opened in 2011 by Georgian President Mikhail Sakashvili. Anaklia town itself is located near the border with Abkhazia. According to local legend, the child of one of the mothers of the village by the name of Anna was kidnapped. Hearing the cry of a woman who fell into despair, in response people heard "Anna rkians" (translated from Megrelian as Anna cries). Because of this, the village was named Anakriya, which means "crying." Later the letter "r" was transformed into "L", which gave the city its present name. At the place where the Georgians were slaved and taken to the Ottoman Empire, was built the Georgian church.
The town is located on the plains. This part of Georgia is famous for great number of sunny days per year. Sea in Anaklia is quite warm with clean beaches of dark sand.
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