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Health resort in Borjomi

Health resorts
Mineral water, the unique nature and the air - these factors allow to speak about a special effect of the treatment in Borjomi. But the real glory of resort was brought by its mineral water. Scientific findings in this area suggest that the therapeutic properties of the mineral waters were known long before AD. Borjomi water at the beginning of the I millennium BC was used only for bathing. Then, an amazing properties for treatment of many internal diseases of Borjomi water were opened.
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Borjomi Palace, including treatment
4*  near the park Borjomi Kharahaulii
 near the park Borjomi Kharahaulii
under repair
Hotel complex «Victoria Panorama»
3* center
under repair
Guest House
3* near the park of Borjomi-Kharagauli
Family hotel
3* center
3* center
Likani Palace
3* Likani resort
Era palace
Health resort in Borjomi Health resort in Borjomi Health resort in Borjomi
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