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Health resort in Shovi

Health resorts
Health resort in Shovi Health resort in Shovi Health resort in Shovi
Balneal climatic health resort Shovi is located 230 km from Tbilisi, and is considered the alpine balneological resort in Georgia (1600m). It is known for for its forests and mineral waters. The resort is surrounded by peaks of the main Caucasian ridge. In a few hours walking near the resort are mountains, glaciers and alpine lakes. On the nearby hillsides are stretched coniferous forests. Climate is due to the location of the resort - in the middle alpine zone. Winter - is moderately soft, snowy (average January temperature -6 ° C). Summers are moderately warm (average temperature in July is 16 ° C). The average annual amount of precipitation is 1103 mm. Relative humidity is 50 - 60% in summer and 70% in winter. There are more than two thousand hours of sunshine per year. Clean and fresh air is typical for resort.
Curative effects have climate and mineral springs, a lot of which are located in the valleys of Chanchahi and Buba. Mineral water is used for medical purposes. Resort is recommended for treatment of respiratory disease of not tubercular character, digestive and nervous systems.
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