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Excursions in Batumi

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In 13 km from Batumi is located a resort town Chakvi, that historically became the home of Georgian tea. It was here, where the tea was imported first time by the Chinese scholar Lao John Gee.
Gonio Apsar fortress is located 12 km south of Batumi, on the left bank of the Chorokhi. Gonio Apsar fortress is the oldest fortress of Georgia. The fortress was built in the I - II century and functioned as a citadel of of the Roman and later Byzantine Empire. Total length of the fortress walls is 900 meters and the height of the walls is 5 meters, the height of its 18 towers is 7 m.
Peter's fortress is located in the village Tsikhisdziri . On the fortress's territory preserved the ancient fortifications, the remains of an ancient basilica of V-VI centuries, graves and the remains of the ancient period of residential buildings, and there are the breathtaking views of the Black Sea.
Botanic garden - is a unique botanic garden, located 9 km north of Batumi. This place is called Green Cape. Batumi Botanic Garden has no analogues in world - it is truly a paradise on earth. Garden collection consists of 2037 units of wood species. Only 104 of them are of Caucasian origin, and the rest of the flora is of other countries.
Mtirala National Park is the only protected area, based on a unique model involving a complete interaction of sea, mountain and ecological tourism. The territory of the park is characterized by a unique variety of rare relic plants.

Excursions in Batumi
Excursions in Batumi
Excursions in Batumi
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