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Excursions in Poti

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Colchis Reserve is located in the marshy lowlands of Colchis, on the banks of the river Pichori. It is founded in 1935, in the modern borders of 1959. It has an area of ​​500 hectares, of which 340 hectares is forest, 157 hectares - the swamp. The reserve remains characteristic of Colchis swampy terrain. Of particular interest is the spectacular Paleostomi lake bordering the territory of the reserve.
The lake of Paleostomi - is a small lake located on the Colchis lowland. It is situated near the river of Rioni. It seems to be morelike a firth than like a lake, because the rivers of Fechora and Kaparcha are flowing into it abd than flows out into the Balck Sea. The square of the lake is 18,2 sq. km. The mid depth of the lake is 2,6 m, the biggest is 3,2 m. Until 1933 it was a freshwater lake, later - open lagoon with sea water type, desalinated by the floods of river waters.

Magnetic Sands of Ureki. Ureki uniqueness ia conditioned by the presence of natural magnetic field of low intensity. Curative properties of the magnetic fields are known from ancient times. It was used for treatment by the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Indian yogas. In modern medicine, the magnetic field is widely used as a physical therapy method called "magnetotherapy". Scientific studies have shown high efficiency of therapeutic factors of resort for many diseases.

Maltakva - is the seaside climatic resort, located at the shore of the Black Sea in Caucasus. Wide sandy beach, beutiful sea allows to combine the climate therapy with sea bathing ( during the summetime). On the territory of the resort work sanitary institutions, holiday camp.


Excursions in Poti
Excursions in Poti
Excursions in Poti

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