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Saint Places of Tbilisi

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Saint Places of Tbilisi  

 Cathedral Sioni, XII c., dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin, is named after the Jerusalem Zion. It houses the most sacred of Georgia - the cross of St. Nino, made ​​out of two pieces of vine and interwoven, according to legend, with the hair of the Enlightener of Georgia, St. Nino.
Metekhi Church, V century AD (Restored in the XII century AD). According to the legend here used to pray Queen Tamara. In the temple is buried first Georgian Great Martyr - Shushanik - Ransk queen, murdered by her husband, a fire-worshiper in V.  Front of the temple stands a bronze equestrian statue of the founder of Tbilisi Vakhtang Gorgasali.
Anchiskhati, Church of St.. Mary VI. Wws built immediately after the transfer  the capital from Mtskheta to Tbilisi, was restored in the XVII century. At that time, got its name in honor of the transference in the temple of Anchiskht icon. Now Anchiskht icon is kept in the exhibition of Art Museum of Georgia. Accroding to the legend, Anchiskht icon is not made with human hands,  it emerged after Christ put this canvas to his Face.
Cathedral of St.Trinity Tsminda Sameba - the complex is located on the hill of St. Elijah - the main cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church. Construction began in 1995 and lasted for 9 years. After the illumination it became one of the highest Orthodox churches in the world. Its height is 98 meters. An area is of ​​over 5000 sq.m. Capacity - 15,000 parishioners. Here is the residence of High Priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
Didube Church of Virgin Mary, 1883, was built on the site of the ancient church, built by George III, in honor of the birth of her daughter Queen Tamara. According to legend there wedding of Queen Tamar with David Soslan took place .
Narikala church of St. Nicholas was built in 1996-1997,  is exactly the same as the cathedral of  XIII c., that stood on that place.
St. Gevorg Ekegetsi - is a temple of saint (surb) Guorgiya (Kevork). It was built in 1251 in the Mongolian era, what makes it unique across the continent. Previously, it was called the "Great Fortress". The temple was once the center of Haghpat diocese. Now it is the main Armenian church in Tbilisi.
Catholic Cathedral Church of St. Peter and Paul - is in the style of the early Baroque. It was built in 1870-1877 years by architect A. Salzman.
Mosque - for the faithful Muslim of Sunni and Shiite, was built in the late XIX century  in the district of old city.
Synagogue - there are three active synagogues in Georgia. Two of them are in Tbilisi, in the old town - the  synagogue of mountain and Ashkenazi European Jews.

Saint Places of Tbilisi
Saint Places of Tbilisi

Saint Places of Tbilisi

Saint Places of Tbilisi




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