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Excursions in Telavi

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Not far from the village Shuamta are located two monasteries Dzveli -Shuamta and Alakhi Shuamta. These two monasteries are quite different from each other in architecture and were created at different times.

Monastery Dzveli - Shuamta is  more ancient monument. It is an ensemble of several old churches. The small church at the front dates back V c., the other two - big and small domed church are of the VII century. Big church is very similar to Mtskheta Jvari church. In churches preserved murals of XII century.

Monastery Alakhi Shuamta was built in the XVI c. Monastery complex consists of a large church, the bell tower and the fence. It is said that the monastery was build by the empress Tina. When she was a child she had a dream that she must build the orthodox church. I her dream she swa the place where to build. The place was unkown for her, but when she became older she saw that place during her travel in Georgia. 

Ikalto Monastery is located 10 kilometers from the center of Telavi. Ikalto - otherwise known as the monastic complex Ikalto by name of the next village near Telavi. This is a small monastery, there are only three temples and household buildings. In the past, the monastery was also the Academy, so Ikalto constitutes a kind of logical pair with the Gelati Monastery. But Ikalto is significantly older.

Ruins Ikalto Academy (XI-XII). There, accroding to the legend studied Shota Rustaveli.

Cathedral of St. George of the first quarter of XI century and monastery complex in Akhmeta municipality of Kakheti. Cathedral height is about 50m, the height of the inner space is more than 42 m. Prior to the construction of Tsminda Sameba Alaverdi Cathedral in Tbilisi was the highest church building in Georgia. The cathedral preserved murals of XV century. Alaverdi Cathedral is submitted for inclusion into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Nekresi monastery is located beyond the river Alazani in Kvareli district in Kakheti. It was built shortly after the proclamation of Christianity - the official religion of the state. The monastery was subjected to numerous attacks by Muslims. There is one such legend: Nekresi was attacked by Muslims, and as a protection monks released out the pigs. When the Islamic soldiers saw the pigs on their way, they left their enmity and left the monastery with peace. In memory of this rescue pigs were declared protectors of Nekresi monastery and to the present day Theotokion temple of  Nekresi is the only church in Georgia, for which the pig was like a sacrificial animal.

Gremi – is a architectural sight of XVI century - the royal fortress in the historical Georgian region of Kakheti. Gremi was the capital of the kingdom of Kakheti in the XVI-XVII centuries. The complex of Archangels Church is located on a hill, and consists of the church of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, the bell tower, a three-storey palace and a wine cellar (Marani). The complex is surrounded by a wall with towers and embrasures. A secret underground passage that leads to the river preserved. It is a stone cross-domed church. The building has three entrances - the main western and two lateral - north and south. In the bell tower of the church are exhibited several archaeological artifacts and the gun of XVI century. The walls are decorated with a series of portraits of the kings of Kakheti by the modern Georgian artist Levan Chogoshvili (1985).
Excursions in Telavi
Excursions in Telavi
Excursions in Telavi
Excursions in Telavi

Excursions in Telavi
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