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Memo to airline customer:
Check in advance all the flight details: registration, type of aircraft, the location of places. For what? First, you can select the seats in advance near porthole, near the aisle, in the middle or beginning of the cabin, if it is not specified in advance (which, by the way, is often on charter flights). To do this, please register earlier. It is desirable to know in advance if you can or can not be transported to the destination country, how many alcoholic drinks can be imported and exported. Sharp and pointed objects hand over in the luggage (including folding knives and nail clippers). Do not forget to weigh your luggage, in order to not pay extra for the excess of pounds. Do not forget the hand luggage. Think carefully about the need to shift into a carry-on (drinking, games, documents, money, etc.).

Rules for the transportation of children:

  • It is not recommended TO transport the  infants under the age of seven days.
  • When buying a ticket, registration and boarding the plane must present a birth certificate or passport of parents by writing data about the baby.
  • Adult passenger may carry only one child for free without providing a separate seat. To do this, the cashier is obliged to give you a ticket for free transportation of the child.
  • Passengers traveling with children, may take to the cabin travel cradle, food, toys, diapers and other things necessary for the child in the air, weighing not more than 5 kg. Forthe  infants, you can use a portable cradle.
  • Please note, that children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by the adult.
    In pursuit underage citizens of the country without their parents it is required a power of attorney of the accompanying adult (the power of attorney shall include the time the power of attorney, which coincides with the term of movement and residence in the country of destination and route of the child).


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